January 2011

Is it really February already??

 I’m “borrowing” this format from Racing With Babes and Caution: Redhead Running… with a few tweaks!

Total Distance: 335.8 KM (208.6 mi)

Highest Weekly Mileage: 94.4 KM (58.7 mi)

# Runs: 27

# Doubles: 3

# Non-Run Workouts: 3

# Rest days: 5

Races: None this month.

Favourite Run(s): Barefoot beach running in Antigua!

Most Hardcore Run: Long run the morning after returning home… +30C to -30C overnight was no fun at all.

Book of the Month: Fave of the month was The Maze Runner by James Dashner, currently reading Size 14 is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot

Song of the Month: Any and all Bruno Mars *swoon*

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Jersey Shore

Obsession of the Month: theweathernetwork.com

Indulgence of the Month: Countless strawberry daiquiris in Antigua

Drink of the Month: see above – but don’t worry, I’m back on the h2o!

Current Wish-List: laundry fairy

Current Need: epsom salt

Triumph of the Month: nailing pretty much every scheduled workout

Current Bane of my Existence: snowy sidewalks/roads and frigid temps

Current Goal: to shed the Christmas/Antigua weight

Current Blessings: the best support system I could ask for

Current Excitement: strong possibility of a PJ day snow day tomorrow!

How was your month?

29 thoughts on “January 2011

  1. im absolutely dying for a snow day tomorrow. but we dont get those in Toronto.I wish the GO Transit would just break down tomorrow and I could stay home! lollooks like u had a great month! great job~IVe read Size 14 is not Fat Either. it was cute.and im loving Jersey Shore. THE CABS ARE HERE!!!and i also have a obsession with the weather network. i check them out a few times a day.hope ur having a great tuesday!

  2. i'm definitely getting a snow day tomorrow, well, i hope!!! damn, Marlene, you had an amazing month! great mileage!!! I think i had like 110 miles this month, oh well, i'll get more next month! I don't think i know anyone who sticks to their training as well as you do!

  3. These are always so great to read, you had a great January! And hello…I'm at home today due to a "cold day" – Denver didn't get the blizzard of the Midwest, but it's -13 and that warranted the school to close. YAY! I plan to stay in my jammies all day…after I run, of course…on my treadmill, of course :). Fingers crossed you get a jammie day tomorrow, too!

  4. love this post! i might steal it, too!!!um, how about jersey shore! such trash but i can't get enough!! we should do a blogger meet up at seaside heights! you'll see some characters down there.

  5. We have school already closed for tomorrow. I like Meg Cabot. Is that book a good one? Isn't there one before it? And if you get a laundry fairy send them my way too – STAT!

  6. jersey shore. i have never watched that. snookie is my homegirl though.epsom salt? what do you need that for?laundry is the one chore i can do. probably because i can passively do it all week long and by the time i actually finish all three steps (wash/dry/fold let's be real i don't iron) i have a new pile ready to be done.

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