They call these ones "Character-Building"

Hubs and I were enjoying a quiet evening at home last night, constantly checking (as usual) for our long run in the morning. There wasn’t any snow in the forecast, so imagine our surprise when it started coming down like crazy and continued non-stop for several hours.

It was not quite Snowmageddon Part 2, but we ended up with a generous dumping of the white stuff, resulting in extremely sloppy roads the next morning.

Didn’t we have enough of this stuff already??

It was s-l-o-w g-o-i-n-g on the run. I often felt that we were moving more backwards than forwards and every step took an enormous amount of effort. Some roads were somewhat cleared, but the footing was still treacherous for the entire run. It was exhausting and one of the toughest 20-milers I have run to-date.

Not my pic, but you get the idea

Thankfully, I had some great company to keep me going and we whined our way through it together.

The temperature was on the mild side (only slightly below freezing) and I was actually comfortable in just a long sleeve race tee and light wind jacket. It was a treat not to be bulked up in countless layers, but the warmer weather also meant that the snow was wet and heavy and messy, adding slush and puddles to the fun.

As the title of this post says, it was one of those character building runs. And as always, we got it done.

The reward was sweet:

And that is just about all I have to say about that!


29 thoughts on “They call these ones "Character-Building"

  1. YUMMM!I just blogged about sparkly pink donuts…they are the BEST reward:).Seriously, I can't believe you ran 20 miles in that snow. YOU are so tough.

  2. I want that donut!! I did my long run Sat, and ran in trails today, but you must have gotten it worse than us, it snowed in Whitby, but roads were clear, that must have been brutal for 32K!

  3. That's funny…I just used the term character building as well….as in my character is fine and doesn't need building!Today was brutal. My feet actually hurt from trying to grip on my footing.

  4. 4th!!! LOL!Hey lady!You are amazing! I was complaining about my 75 degree weather today, I promise I won't anymore! I hope the snow lets up soon, you are so in need of a break!Have a great week!

  5. ok, so it sounds like you and i were on the EXACT same run this weekend!!! your words sound just like mine…makes me feel comfortable knowing that even when i seem alone, there are others toughing it out too! i totally agree that it was nice to have fewer layers on, but whenever i tried to run up a hill i felt like i slid back with every step i tried to take forward…

  6. Wow. I should have read this while I was in the Caribbean, I would've engineered missing my departure 😉 Back in Canada now and I have to face the cold and snow for another few weeks 🙂

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