7 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

A couple of lovely ladies tagged me a long time ago recently for the coveted Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks Alex and Mel! (Update: and Marci too!)

A stipulation in accepting the award is to share 7 things about myself.

1. I am extremely squeamish and unreasonably afraid of things in water. I almost always have to wear shoes when I go in lakes or the ocean and everyone will know if a weed touches my leg! Reason #5647 not to do a triathlon. My all-time biggest fear is crayfish. These things are nasty! They inhabit the lake where I spent summers as a kid and I used to have nightmares that they could come on land. Ewww!

2. I have a tiny bump on my big toe, which is believed to be a chip of bone, and it moves back and forth. I’ve had it for years and had it checked out by a doctor as a kid, but he didn’t think it was anything to worry about. I kind of like playing with it, but hubs gets a little grossed out – all the more fun for me! It’s hard to see in the pics, but I’ve moved it over the top knuckle for the second one.

3. In our early high school years, myself and two other girlfriends had a bit of a crush (okay, it may have been more of an obsession) on a certain senior, which led us to do highly embarrassing things like taking paparazzi style pictures of him getting off the bus and staking out his place of employment. Hmm, I wonder what Jay F******* is up to now…

4. I am terrified of flying, but I wasn’t always. Hubs was always a nervous flyer and appears to have rubbed off on me over the years. (He once suggested that a plane we were on was re-routing to a less populated area to crash, thankyouverymuch.) Over the last couple of years, he has travelled so much for work that he seems to have gotten over his fear, for the most part. Go figure, I’m the one stuck with the white-knuckle jitters! I’m playing it cool for this pic:

5. I used to be an extremely picky eater. I’m a lot better now and while there are a lot of things I don’t enjoy, I will eat just about anything – except most seafood or baked beans. And I can’t stand the taste of beer or coffee.
6. In 2007 I won a radio station contest for a one-week trip for 2 to London, England. I took my Mom ο»Ώand we had the time of our lives. I had an unusually good feeling that I was going to win, and when I told hubs he expressed zero interest in going to London (he is from England). I actually told my Mom a few days before the contest ended that I was going to take her “when I win.” I don’t think she’ll ever forget the day I called her at work to tell her that she needed to get a passport – and fast!
7. I have 4 tattoos – 2 are meaningful (pictured below), 2 are not. I regret at least one of them.
This award has already made the rounds, so instead of passing it along I would like to ask each of you (that includes YOU!) to leave a comment with a random tidbit about yourself. Please play along!

25 thoughts on “7 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

  1. I could get rid of the entire vegetable food group and never miss it..I have horrible eating habits. But fortunately I know people with worse eating habits than myself so that always makes me feel better πŸ™‚

  2. I get the first one totally, Around here it is blood suckers (leeches) that are the worst! Random comment – I don't like movies with in your face stupid humor.

  3. I love how you don't like most seafood (very general) and baked beans (so specific!). Cracked me up.Random: I don't care for particular words. "Sofa" and "compote" are a couple of them.

  4. Crayfish are ugly creatures…Spiders are my biggest fear!Random: My two middle toes are attached.. my right foot is worse than the left…Grandma, Dad and I are the only ones that have it..

  5. Great post! I want to see the other two tats now!Random tidbit – breast-feeding always makes me crave sweet stuff. When I'm not breast-feeding I LOVE salty snacks.

  6. I really don't like surprises..I like to know what is going on….to the point where I used to look for Christmas presents..in my own house..from the hubs.Yes – I finally told him I was doing this so I have no idea now where he hids stuff…

  7. My husband and I met when I accidentally went in to the mens bathroom. When I went in I went straight to the stall. When I came out he was at the urinal. There might have been alcohol involved, which might have caused me to not notice the mens sign AND the urinal. Either way, it worked out great cuz here we are 15 years later!

  8. At time my fear of flying has reduced me to valium shots or tablets. I totally understand the fear BUT I've flown quite a lot in the last few years and managed most of them without the aid of drugs. Hopefully this will happen to you too.

  9. Random tidbit – I have four tattoos too! At the time I thought they were meaningful…but over the years I've adapted their meanings a bit. For instance, I tattooed a robot from a cartoon that I loved when I was 17 on my shoulder – but now he salutes runners behind me!

  10. Random tidbit: I eat too much sugar… Its so bad that I had to go on a 10 day diet to try to kill out some of yeast due to my high sugar intake… Ooops! πŸ™‚

  11. My fiance has a little bump near his left elbow that he moves around to gross people out. It's calcification from a basketball injury, I think.What is your 2nd meaningful tattoo of? What are your other tats that you don't like?Random tidbit: I don't have pierced ears.

  12. ok, that foot thing is crazy. That creeps me out! I want to get a 26.2 tattoo. Can't decide where to put it though. Random tidbit: I have had the same alarm clock that I've had since 2nd grade. I won it in fundraising contest and it still sits on my night stand! πŸ™‚

  13. First of all, that bone thing is your foot?? Eeeesh! Makes my tummy squirm but I have the same type of deal with my elbow. Chipped it playing basketball. Now the flying thing…I'm with you. Strangely enough it developed after 9/11. I love flying but I always have a super anxiety attack before, during or afterward. I straight up passed out as soon as I sat in my seat once getting on a plane. Lost consciousness. Flopped over in the seat like a rag doll. I was clammy and sweaty. Then just in Dec when I met MEl in Vegas, you can ask her, after we landed and headed to dinner I got all clammy and sweaty and queasy. I almost passed out standing in the Bellagio. I had to sit down while my aunt, uncle and cousin played a few slots. I knew it was anxiety from flying. It is like I cheat death every.single.time. Ugh. I just feel like my day is coming. I'm going down…nothing I can do. See? Awful.I don't have any tats. I kind of want one but cant think of anything meaningful enough to put on my body forever.

  14. I'm a little grossed out by that toe thing…(and like the first commenter, Joanna, I often cross my first and second toes as well- strange)random tidbit: I've never had a big mac.

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