They call these ones "Confidence-Boosting"

After last week’s “character building” slog through the snow, I needed a good long run today, preferably one where I didn’t feel like crap for the entire second half.

When it started snowing last night, I was having bad visions of a repeat of last Sunday, but thankfully we didn’t get much and the roads were clear in the morning. It was quite windy, but the temperature was nice and mild (well, mild for February) and I ended up shedding a couple of layers after the first part of my run (I was adding on some kilometres beyond what the group had planned).

As a group, we had about 5 miles (8K) of MRP scheduled in the second half of the run. I stuck with my pace group and we kept it to our usual long run pace for the first half before it was time to pick it up. For the first 5K I stuck with the group and helped with pacing. The goal was 5:15-5:20/KM and we were hitting those splits bang on. I felt really comfortable and started to pull ahead slightly, continuing beyond the initial plan of 8K.

I eventually caught up and passed most of the slower pace groups (we have a staggered start) and chatted briefly along the way. There were some pretty significant hills that just kept coming, but I still felt fine and maintained the pace, picking it up toward the end. My last 5K ended up at a 5:04/KM (compared with 5:48/KM for the last 5K last week).

In the end, I finished 30K (18.6mi) in 2:42:42 – just 2 seconds shy of my 30K PR from Around the Bay (a race that I considered a significant break-through at the time). It was a pleasant surprise and an excellent confidence-booster to feel so good and finish such a strong run. I completed the entire second half faster than MRP.

1st half:  1:25:00 – 5:40 (9:07/mi)
2nd half: 1:17:15 – 5:09 (8:17/mi)

And I think that’s enough numbers for this post!

I couldn’t be happier with how well this went. I think last week’s long run beat me up more than I realized mentally, because I had a lot of doubts and nerves going in to this one which were really unfounded. Sometimes it can be harder than we realize to move on from a “bad” run, but the fact is – they aren’t all going to be good! Do you have any tips for shaking off a tough run?

I think I needed a little reminder of a great pep talk from our coach last year:

You’re as good as your best run,
not your worst run.”

Post-run, I resisted Tim Horton’s and went with the nutritionally responsible choice for re-fueling: a green monster instead of the pink sprinkle donut that I really wanted. The smoothie hit the spot and I sucked it back so fast I didn’t even have a chance to take a pic before emptying the glass…

What’s your favorite way to refuel? Do you treat yourself after a great run, or try to keep it healthy?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


21 thoughts on “They call these ones "Confidence-Boosting"

  1. Great job on your run!!! Carry that feeling with you for confidence.I usually crave greek yogurt and granola after a run, which isn't too bad, but sometimes I can't shake the thought of grilled cheese (which isn't nearly as healthy).

  2. Congrats on the excellent time on your run. Sounds like you might be up for some PRs this year.If I have a tough run, I realize it was probably from the killer workout the previous 1 or 2 days, and that I just needed a recovery day. I know that I will always bounce back.

  3. just thought you needed another number in this post.timhors sells green monsters? oh. nevermind i'm re-reading, you resisted t-hor and made your own smoothie. just kidding. blame that on the lingering plague…

  4. Yay for a great run! I splurge the night before a big run but get back to business with proper fueling afterward.We took the kids out for pink sprinkle donuts this weekend but I resisted!

  5. Nice job! We had almost the exact same splits for our long runs this weekend! Twinseys!I have def been beaten down by a bad long run, heck even a bad short run. But you did great! Starting fresh is such a good feeling!Loved the 7 things about you, you are too cute!!!Have a wonderful week, see ya on twitter šŸ˜‰

  6. Oh. my. word. marlene!!! that is one ROCKIN run!! Way to go! I can't wait to see what your training/fitness leads to in your next marathon. You are going to kill it. No doubt.

  7. Holey Moley! Great RUN!!! Bad runs suck. I usually shake them off by saying, "Thank God that bad run happened today (or yesterday…whenever) and not during my race!" I have a weird superstition that I have at least three bad runs every few months. If it happens during a training run then BONUS! Check it off because one down means it is one less likely to happen during a race. Plus, tough runs certainly build mental stamina and mental endurance and mental toughness. You can look back on it is say, "Now THAT was a tough run. This one? Not so much. I got this." And the real key is to BELIEVE it. You are doing so awesome!!!!

  8. I could not resist the urge of tim hortons on Saturday PLUS i had coupons that were expiring so I had to use them! Great job on the long run!!

  9. WOW girl! That is an impressive negative split run šŸ™‚ It's amazing how quickly ONE run can bring us down, but clearly that confidence of yours knows when it needs to poke through. I'm so glad this went well for you!Favorite post-LR treat: a Smoothie (with greek yogurt, protein powah!) and/or a mimosa brunch šŸ˜‰

  10. i'll be a little hungry while running but post run i can't really eat. i force down some chocolate milk tho for a recovery drink. later that evening i'll have wine. now that's what i call healthy!

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