Thursday Thoughts

I’m sure everyone has heard or read the news by now, so I won’t regurgitate it: New Qualification and Registration Process for Boston Marathon

We should have known this was coming, but I can’t deny that I feel a little bit devastated right now. I don’t even know if I had a shot at a BQ this year, but there was a glimmer of hope and I feel like that’s been crushed – for now. 3:40 is no longer going to be good enough, even if I do manage to pull it off.
I realize that I don’t have the right attitude here and I will brush myself off, take it in stride and move forward with more determination than ever… but for now, I just need to sulk for a little while. 

28 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. You are so young! Plenty of time to get to Boston. I'm not sure if you wanted to go before you hit some kind of milestone age, but you WILL get there if you desire!

  2. you can sulk but only if you get back to your old self quickly. the one who knows you can do this…and will do this. i haven't read much about the changes, but if you get a 3:40 this year, wouldn't that still qualify you? i understand that you'd have to still deal w/ the rolling admission thing, though.

  3. I think that there are so many individuals like yourself who have trained so hard over the past few years with the intent to qualify…I think it is okay if you are feeling a bit devastated right now….however…you are Marlene and you fight for everything…and you work really hard…I honestly believe that you will run Boston! Keep working up the amaizng hard work…it will pay off in more ways than imaginable! You are an inspiration and so amazing…good thigns are going to come!

  4. With your training, girl, you can do this! I thought a BQ was impossible a year ago, then I began to obsess over a 3:38. Training became so much more about proving to myself that I could do it that I honestly forgot about the BQ aspect! Result? 3:33. I've read your blog for a while now and know that if you set a goal you'll get there. Go find that puke threshold and I'll see you in Boston soon!!

  5. Haha, Nice sentiments by Coach Ken…But he's right! I've just accepted that I might not get it this year, but will I stop running after this year? NOPE. 🙂 It'll always be there, and it this is just reason to keep pushing the limits!

  6. You do have plenty of time for Boston! You never know what might happen! But I agree it is a little discouraging that they made the qualifying times a bit harder. An 8:12 pace for a whole marathon is no joke and not that easy.

  7. BQ'ing has never been on my to-do list (just not that fast…yet). But even so, it does feel a little crushing. I can only imagine how it feels for someone (you) who is actually that fast.

  8. Marlene, last night I had a dream that I was running the Boston Marathon except it was in Alaska and YOU were there to run it too (so was Beth form SUAR)…I've had several dreams that have actually came true in the past so perhaps this one will come true too! Altho i hope the marathon does not move to Alaska!It might just take you a little longer now but I think it's still within your reach, eventho you may feel like it isn't right now

  9. Boston is just one of the multitudes of accomplishments that a runner can achieve. And now, with the changes in rolling registration, it doesn't even seem to truly acknowledge those who have accomplished something significant.

  10. I think they did have to do something and I kind of agree with the choices they made. Personally I'd be happy just about being able to meet the qualification times. For me it's not a race I'd like to do anyways, so I'm just as happy to leave it to the speedsters. I think it was originally created with the idea of it being the faster runners anyway, so why not. But I can see that for those of you who WOULD like to do it, this would be disappointing. Although, on the other hand, there are so many people who qualify now that on a select few of them actually get into the race anyway. Maybe there needs to be more races that require qualifying times??? Maybe then it would all be about Boston, Boston, Boston…

  11. Buck up. You are just as capable of a 3:35 as you are a 3:40! Seriously, can't let FIVE minutes cause so much heartburn. You rock, you're an amazing runner and if you want we can organize an un-Boston if you want 🙂 all the cool kids would choose our race.Now go have some m&m's, they are the secret to BQing…

  12. I definitely think you can get there. You've made huge strides.I think they had to make some changes and any changes would make it more difficult. I haven't really thought too much about it as I'm not sure I'll ever run another marathon (and even if I do, it certainly won't be a Boston qualifying speed…)

  13. You will get to Boston, Marlene! You've improved so much, and with your determination and killer work ethic, you will get that 3:35 marathon.My brother lives in Boston, and we watched the marathon when I visited him last April. I'd love to run it someday so my brother could see me run, but the only way I'll get to Boston is if I run for charity. Or qualify when I'm in my 50s or 60s (or maybe 70s or 80s). 🙂

  14. we can both sulk together (which you better believe I did) and then go kick some serious A** after we are done. Honestly, Marlene, as in shape as you are right now…I have no doubt you could pull it off. You push harder than most any blogger I know and will get after it. But man, I wanted (and needed) that extra 5 when I turn 35. serious, serious bummer for MANY! My concern is with the rolling registration that even if I worked my TAIL off and managed to qualify that because I would be on the end of the rolling registration with my time, then I could still miss out. That would just be devastating. They've got to fix that part of it.

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