Foto Friday

From Shoebox:

to Wall of Fame:

(Full credit to RoadBunner for the curtain rod idea.)

46 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. They look so pretty! Is it wrong that I kind of like the graphic effect of the medals in the shoebox? So colorful and fun. My medals are hung on a bulletin board I've had to reconfigure a bunch of times to get them all to fit – and there's currently no more room – meaning something new has to happen after this weekend's marathon! exciting!

  2. i wish i had thought of the curtain rod before buying an allied steel hanger thingy. i like them, but it hardly holds any medals! course i might look conceited if i hung them all up like you 😉

  3. Woot!! Looks awesome and it looks like you already need another one! I am probably going to take mine down soon and put them in a box. Only the current year will be up. Or maybe my favorites? Undecided yet.

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