Long Weekend Recap!

I kicked off an extra long weekend with a day off on Friday. I needed an extra day to get caught up on house work and get a jump-start on preparations for a party we were hosting on Sunday. I also spent some time at the mall and finally put a dent in those gift cards.

After trying on just about every pair of jeans in the entire mall, I finally splurged on these babies when I slid them on and had a total jeangasm. My first ever $100 jeans and soooo worth it.
Saturday morning, of course, was the 30K run in arctic hell.
That night lilmeg and I along with some of our other wacky friends successfully pulled off the surprise of the century for our friend’s 35th Birthday before she headed to Cozumel. There was screaming, there were tears, there were margaritas. It was epic.
On Sunday I passed up the rare opportunity to sleep-in in favour of hitting the gym and heading out to snap some photos of my training group on their long run. Coach likes to put together an enormous slide show at the end of clinic, so I was happy to chip in and snap some pics. 
Don’t they look happy to see me??
Tim Horton’s was required…
And finally, Sunday evening was our main event for the long weekend – hubs and I hosted a “Winterrific Warm-Up” get-together. We spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with our family and friends, beating the February blues with lots of good food, wine and laughs.
This is my awesome family. ❤
L-R: sister Emily, Mom (looks more like a sister, I know!),
sister April, me, brother James
with my handsome hubby:
and some of our awesome friends…
We were lucky to have Monday off (Family Day) for some down-time after a busy weekend.
How was your weekend? I don’t know about you, but I could really use an extra day (or two) off every week… 

32 thoughts on “Long Weekend Recap!

  1. I could definitely use a four day weekend every weekend…now if only that didn't involve a pay cut…A winterrific warmup party is a great idea! I might have to host one sometime soon.My weekend involved a lot of studying- I'm taking a class and it is the first time I'll have to write an exam since I finished university in 2003…I'm a little freaked out.

  2. Fun fun party! Ok am I weird or does it look like your bro is peeking out from under your dress? I sat here looking at the empty chair next to you going where's James? And then I realize you're not even wearing a dress….I'll stop now.

  3. Lucky you had yesterday off! I am taking Friday off! First day off since Christmas! Definitely needed! I still refuse to buy expensive jeans…maybe someday!

  4. oh good jeans = totally worth it. i've been on that wagon for awhile and now can't get off of it. it's a problem. what a fun weekend, i believe the world would be a better place if we all had 4-day work weeks. sigh.

  5. A pair (or two) of pricey jeans are totally worth it!! I HATE jean-shopping, and when I find a good pair I snatch 'em so I don't have to do the process again for a while…haha. ugh. What a FUN weekend you guys had!! Love all the pics 🙂

  6. What kind of crap do you 'nucks think you can pull? Family Day? WTF is that? You people need to get it together like us 'mericans. Our society and economy are so successful.Jeans: I need a new pair. Or two. I'm too lazy to shop/try-on and I do not want to know what size I need. Last time I bought jeans was in college and I'm sure they have stretched with me…

  7. Looks like a fun time! Great pics, family and food! Oh, and are you wearing those $100 jeans right now? I would SLEEP in them if I paid that much – LOL! Good for you for treating yourself.Winks & Smiles,Wifey

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