Nothing like a little 10K PR on a Tuesday…

My 10K PR of 47:59 is old, dating back to May 2009. As I set out on my lunch break yesterday for a 10K LT/tempo run, I can’t deny that it was in the back of my mind. I’ve been running my tempos right around that 10K PR pace, so I knew it was a possibility. That being said, I pushed it (mostly) out of my mind and concentrated on the workout at hand for what it was: a tempo run.

Goal: 4:45-4:50/KM

Splits: (no breaks!)

average for 10K: 4:42/KM (7:33/mi)
10K time: 47:00 (unofficial PR by 59 seconds!)

After last Thursday’s 8K/5mi tempo at a 4:40 average,  I admit that a small part of me questioned if it had been a fluke… clearly it was not! I am just not used to seeing these numbers on a consistent basis and often do a double-take myself when I recap these runs. Last summer I was killing myself to hit 5:00/KM (8:00 mi) on my tempos!

I know I ran this perfectly – it felt “comfortably hard” throughout and I was able to zone out and hit the pace without checking my Garmin constantly. I must be doing something right…

When I emailed coach to brag check-in, the subject of my message was “Thursday was not a fluke” and I mentioned being afraid that this bubble I seem to be in is going to “pop” before race season… his response: “Well, none of can know what the future will bring – there may be temporary set-backs, but NONE of your recent running success has been a fluke! This is the REAL you.”  πŸ™‚

Thumbs-up for lingering daylight as I set out for my second run after work!
P.S. I’ll be going after that official 10K PR on May 1st.ο»Ώ

33 thoughts on “Nothing like a little 10K PR on a Tuesday…

  1. That is awesome! 10K's are my favorite distance. Ive only ran one race, but I love that distance right now and am hoping to blow my first 10k time out of the water this summer. My first 10k was a 53:13. I cant wait till May when I can give it another shot!

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