Three Things Thursday

1. I have been trying to keep my recovery runs at a true ‘recovery” pace this training cycle. With hard workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my Wednesday run really needs to be s-l-o-w if my legs are going to make it through the week. I’ve been getting better, but I know I could still stand to slow down even more.

“It’s also helpful to understand elites’ recovery paces relative to race paces. A national-class woman who runs easy mileage at 7:30 per mile is doing those recovery runs more than 2 minutes per mile slower than her 10K race pace. Do you?”
Excerpt from A compendium of collected wisdom by Scott Douglas

At the group run last night, I set out to maintain a pace much slower than I have been running and convinced Juliana to join me. She didn’t mind slowing down, but I had to re-assure her a few times that yes, I really do want to be running this slowly. I didn’t even mind being at the back of the pack! Hopefully my legs will respond well when I tackle 5 x 1000 tonight…
For another great article on recovery running, see: A Fresh Perspective on Recovery Runs

2.  Last week at clinic we had a great guest speaker from Achilles Canada.

“Achilles Canada is a non-profit organization that provides people with various disabilities an opportunity to receive the physical, psychological, and communal benefits of running. The club offers training and support by able-bodied members to its Achilles athletes of all ability levels.”

As an example, Achilles will assign up to three guide runners with for one blind runner in a long distance race. One guide will hold the rope and call out instructions (“We’re approaching a sharp right turn”; “Slight downhill ahead”; “We’re going to be passing on the left”, etc.), and two floaters to watch for obstacles, provide a cushion around the runner, grab water and switch out with the main guide as needed (I imagine that would get exhausting).

It sounds like a fantastic organization and I hope to have the opportunity to get involved. Can you imagine needing 3 “chaperones” just to go ut and run?

3. I just found out that our insurance provider is changing at work on April 1st. You know what that means… suck as much as possible out of the current provider first! As soon as I signed the papers, I was on the phone with physio to make a few extra appointments. I’ll be going 3 times by the end of March and my legs are going to love it.

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

31 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I hear ya on the recovery pace, I NEED to reel myself in and MAKE myself slow down on my recovery days. Last week I even made myself go to the dreadmill to do it just so I could set the slower pace and make myself gut it out. Who knew making yourself run slower could be so hard?!?

  2. Great reminder about the recovery runs. I am so competitive, I have traditionally gone out there to KILL every run. Not good, and look where it got me. I am learning to calm down and focus on the goal of that particular run.

  3. That's interesting about the recovery pace. It makes sense, but I echo what Courtney said. I'm slow enough that I would have to walk. I'm thinking that maybe the recovery run isn't necessary until you are at a point of pushing your speed more for the regular runs?That organization sounds amazing.

  4. THat's why I love training with the lactate testing I did – every run I did including the LSD have a specific pace to run. ….and even our fasties run really slow…That organization sounds great!

  5. Haha, I love Courtney's comment at the top- I think I am someone who 2 minutes slower would equal a walk… or at the very least a painfully slow run. I kind of do that though because I tend to walk on my easier days and my knee likes that. Good for you for slowing down, hopefully you'll see the benefits right away.

  6. I have NEVER mastered the recovery run pace..haha. I definitely take it easier/slower for some runs, but when I used an HR monitor I quickly realized that I had no concept of "easy". Heh, oops. Good for you, sticking to the pace!!And good for those leggies, extra lovin' this month!

  7. I often feel like my recovery runs are when I 1) don't run with the jogger 2) run on a flat treadmill 3) don't run hills since those conditions are the opposite of what I normally have to train with. heehee. I have trouble slowing down unless I'm no trails. I need to work on that one!I have seen blind runners. They are amazing to me. I get nervous running after dark with a headlamp!My insurance is a BIG reason why I work. I dread the thought of it changing!

  8. Last training cycle I had a VERY hard time slowing down, but this one it hasn't been as hard again. Some days it is, but I have been just under 10k + 2 minutes lately. Usually after that hard workout on Wed, my legs are ready to go slow on Thurs šŸ™‚

  9. I have the same problem with recovery paces. I will say that I think I finally have it down b/c after the beating my coach gave me Jan through two weeks ago my legs were screaming. Now that we are focusing on zones again I am better able to handle the recovery runs and EZ runs as well.

  10. I have done one true recovery run in my life. I was really enjoying it till some jerk yelled at me "You can ran faster than that." He, of course, was really overweight and looked like he never exercised. I told him that I was doing a recovery run but what I should have said is "I will if you will"

  11. I ran with a blind man once who was a pretty fast runner, it was fun but he was over a foot taller than me so it didn't really work out so well. I currently jog with a woman who is Deaf and Blind it's fun but even more of a challenge bc giving verbal cues it impossible!

  12. I was just reading about a masters runner who does her recovery runs two mins. slower than her marathon made me feel SO much more relaxed this weekend on my long run.Nice reminder, thank you!

  13. I was just talking with a friend today about how difficult those recovery runs are! Being aware of how you can make them more beneficial for you is a great thing to work on!

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