ABC’s of Marlene

I’ve seen this floating around and I know everyone wants to know more about ME, ME, ME so here goes…

Age: 28
Bed size: Queen but wish it was King
Chore you hate: laundry
Dogs: eventually
Essential start of your day: toothbrush (I hate morning mouth!)
Fav colour: pink

Gold or silver: white gold
Height: 5’8″
Instruments I play: none, but would love to learn piano
Job title: anything and everything Executive Assistant

Kids: not yet
Live: Newmarket, Ontario, Oh Canada!
Mom’s name: Laura Marlene

Nicknames: M, Mar
Overnight hospital stays: nope
Pet peeve: noisy eaters
Quote from a movie: “That wasn’t flying! That was falling with style!” (Toy Story)
[side note: for a while I was nicknamed “Buzz” at work after tripping on a box and falling/flying halfway across the room]

Right or left handed: right
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother – all younger

Time you wake up: a wide range from 4:30 – 8, usually 6:30
Underwear: wouldn’t you like to know!
Veg you dislike: beets
What makes you run late: easily distracted
X-rays you have had done: ankle, shoulder, teeth
Yummy food you make: power bar squares

Zoo, favorite animal: I like giraffes

Now you know my ABC’s,
I think it’s your turn if you please…


19 thoughts on “ABC’s of Marlene

  1. i think i'm going to have to do this sometime this week.i'm surprised at all the white gold folks wear. i'm yellow gold – i must have a weird skin tone.

  2. I'm guessing the underwear is not the g-string variety when you run. Runners have to wear comfy, non-chaff undies and I don't think g-strings fit those criteria.

  3. i think it should have said dogs: eventually; kids: even more eventually… i mean, are you getting kids first or a dog? have you managed to keep houseplants alive? i think you need another computer in your thanks for the celebration gift!!!!!!! just for that i will declare it a world holiday and not just a US thing. 😉

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