February 2011

Total Distance: 330.7KM (205.5mi)*

Highest Weekly Mileage: 88.3KM (54.9mi)*

* both of which are actually lower than January after I decided to scale back

# Runs: 25

# Doubles: 4 (every Tuesday) 

# Non-Run Workouts: 5 (2x Bootcamp, 1x Spin, 2x P90X)

# Rest days: 4

Races: None this month.

Favourite Run: 10K tempo/PR

Most Hardcore Run: 30K in arctic hell

Book of the Month: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben (I won this from Tatiana and it is a great read)

Song of the Month: Livin’ on a Prayer

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I bought raisins for the first time in a while and can’t stop eating “ants on a log”

Obsession of the Month: still theweathernetwork.com

Indulgence of the Month: expensive jeans

Drink of the Month: water, water and more water

Current Wish-List: perfect weather conditions on Sunday would be nice (see Current Goal below)

Current Need: Spring!

Triumph of the Month: logging my speediest tempo run, 1000-repeats and 35K run EVER

Current Bane of my Existence: Word Verification on Blogger 

Current Blessings: staying healthy and injury-free *knock wood*

Current Excitement: race season is almost here!

Current Goal: PR at Chilly Half Marathon this weekend!

How was your month?

37 thoughts on “February 2011

  1. Great post! You're not on my FB, but my month was the one that saw me run the most KMs ever: 72! A typical week for you, but a milestone for me, for sure!

  2. Good luck with your marathon! I'll be running one in May.I love Livin on Prayer! It was my favorite song in the second grade, and although it's not necessarily my favorite song now, it's still ranks high on my list.

  3. Great month chica!!! You are going to own the Half PR on Sunday! Can't wait to read the recap!Also, I always look at your stats on my way down to my name on the 1,000+++ spreadsheet and just shake my head! You are a mileage monster girl!

  4. When I reach 200 miles in a month it will be a true miracle! Great job on February! I have so far kept myself away from the candy today – only half way through the day though, hopefully I can hold out!

  5. Girl you have got that PR Half in the bag!! You've had such a great month, and your dedication to progress continues to pay off in all of your runs! There could be a LONG list of "most hardcore" events up there… πŸ˜‰

  6. I love ant on a log too. Yummy! But that's a healthy treat…mine not so much.I love that you took your rest days. I am starting to look forward to having non-running days so I can concrete my cross training in my schedule.The jeans – worth it!Word Verification – really dis-like it too.Spring – yes please.Your race season will make me green with envy. I always look forward to you and your hubbs racing each year. You guys are amazing!

  7. I loved The Happiness Project! SO good! Expensive jeans? Always worth it! Spring– I can feel it coming!! theweathernetwork.com- LOVE!Water– I need to force myself to drink more of it! It looks like you had a fabulous february!

  8. I love how you put all your pics into a cute little collage!Chris K posted one time how to get rid of word verification. It was very helpful as I just hadn't known how not to have it. Maybe someone should post it periodically. It does seem like there are fewer of these now.

  9. another awesome month!So far…it isn't great for Sunday but not horrible. I really have to stop looking at the forecast..it just stresses me out.

  10. Do ants on a log involve chocolate? Another Bon Jovi reference? That should have been your Obsession… He was Jersey's best contribution to the world until Snooki came along.

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