Designated Runner

We had some big plans for Saturday night so hubs and I decided to move our long run to Saturday morning. I lined up my personal pacer Patricia and hubs decided to tag along as well. Patricia’s hubby joined us for the warm-up.

The 4 of us make a great team!

I had a 20-miler on deck with about 12 miles at MRP, which I was slightly nervous about, especially after completing pretty heavy duty workouts on Tuesday and Thursday already this week.

We talked pacing briefly before heading out into the cold and windy but sunny conditions. (It was a lot better than the last time we decided to run on a Saturday together!) We took the warm-up (11K) nice and slow and made a quick pit stop to ditch a layer, grab our water and use the washroom. Then it was time to get down to work!

The goal: 19K (11.8mi) at MRP of 5:13/KM (8:23/mi) or better. The first 15 chimed in consistently between 5:04 and 5:11, with the last 4 at 5:02, 5:01, 5:03, 4:51. Patricia did an excellent job of keeping me honest if I got carried away with the pace and we kept each other going on some long stretches into the wind. It was a solid run and I felt strong throughout – did not feel truly tired until the last couple of kilometres, where I still managed to pick it up.

I hit the 30K mark in 2:41:00, good enough for an “unofficial in the process (official PR of 2:42:33 at Around the Bay last year). 

Awesome confidence-boosting run!

Saturday night involved some shenanigans for my Mom’s Birthday.

On Sunday morning after a nice sleep-in, I appointed myself “designated runner” and ran about 5 miles to pick up our car that we had left at the bar overnight!
I didn’t actually drink that much at all (just enough that I wouldn’t drive) and felt fine in the morningο»Ώ. The run was good with no ill effects from the big one on Saturday. Wine must be good for recovery!
How was your weekend?

30 thoughts on “Designated Runner

  1. Awesome run on Saturday! I think it's awesome that you ran to pick up your car. I've run to the nearby post office before to mail out letters and packages. Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. Isn't wine full of antioxidants? Should be great for a runner. That's what my friend tells me anyway but she's a self-admitted lush so I don't know whether to believe her or not.

  3. how did you get home from the bar? i am glad you guys are super safe and did not risk driving, no matter how few you had.nice long run – 8:23, the magical pace!

  4. So smart just leaving your car at the bar, thanks for being SO intelligent. It doesn't matter how much you drank, you just never know!!Great job on the 20 miler!!

  5. It's always satisfying to have a run with a job — like retrieving the car — and it's doubly satisfying to have a run the day after drinking. That way you don't suffer from After Drunk Guilt, or ADG, which is when you feel guilty for not accomplishing anything because of a wicked hangover.

  6. you nailed it!!! woo hoo!! you so got this in you, marlene. i can't wait for race day to get here!!i'm glad you juggled your run and enjoyed yourself. you deserved it!

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