Doozie Twosday

a.k.a. the time Coach Hubs tried to kill me
Yesterday was my usual medium-long double-day: a 5-miler over lunch and a 10-miler with speed intervals after work. After nailing last week’s double workout, I had the confidence that I could do it, but I also had a healthy respect going into it – it was kind of a big deal!
The plan:
lunch: 5 miles steady (strict instructions not to “cheat” and take it too easy) 
eve: 10 miles with “triple threat intervals”
800 @ 5KRP – 1600 @ 10KRP – 3200 @ MRP [back to back!]
1000 recovery
3200 @ MRP – 1600 @ 10KRP – 800 @ 5KRP [back to back!]
I headed to the park right after work, ready to get down to business.
Took one last peak at my “cheat sheet” and off I went…
[distance – pace (/km) – time]

I ran about a 3K warm-up over to the loop that I use for repeats. It involves a couple of bridge crossings, which is not ideal, but it’s mostly flat and keeps me off the road, so it works. I may have to start sneaking on to the track again soon.

Here’s how it shook down!

800 [goal 3:28] – 3:25
1600 [goal 7:12] – 7:09
3200 [goal 16:42] – 16:30
1000 recovery
3200 [goal 16:42] – 16:28
1600 [goal 7:12] – 7:09
800 [goal 3:28] – 3:24

It was an interesting challenge transitioning through the intervals and trying to find the next target pace without a recovery in between. I had a really hard time settling in to MRP during the first set – I was tired from the back-to-back 800 & 1600, but my legs would not slow down! I never thought MRP could feel “slow” but it did during this workout. I was feeling it by the time I got to the second 1600 and thought there was NO WAY I could pull off another 800, but I somehow managed to pull it off 1 second faster. This was a serious workout! My legs held up really well and I’m very pleased with the execution and consistency.

Thumbs up!
“Triple threat” for the win!

15.2 miles for Twosday!

41 thoughts on “Doozie Twosday

  1. I always picture the mission impossible sound track when you talk about sneaking onto the track.Sadly, I'm sure it's not that exciting, but don't ruin it for me. 😉

  2. Nice job on the double yesterday and the awesome mileage! So glad you rocked that workout! I am so happy you are doing so well in this training cycle!

  3. deaur maurlene's coach, thank you for the workout idea. maybe one day i will be brave enough to do repeats with no rest. but probably not.maurlene is a beast and i can't compete with that.sincerely,maurlene's greatest friend in the whole world.

  4. Incredible!!! Really excellent splits, and the pace feeling slow is a real good sign! You've reason to smile!!! Your dedication is an inspiration!!

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