March 2011

Total Distance: 385.4 KM (239.5mi)  – easily topping my previous monthly record of 217 miles last August

Highest Weekly Mileage: 98.0 KM/60.9mi (Week 12)

# Runs: 31

# Doubles: 3

# Non-Run Workouts: 0

# Rest days: 5

Races: Chilly Half Marathon and Around the Bay 30K

Favourite Run: Chilly Half!

Most Hardcore Run: the time hubs tried to kill me with 800-1600-3200 {no break} x 2 intervals

Book of the Month: Beautiful Boy by David Sheff (gut-wrenching but touching)

Song of the Month: Hey Soul Sister – Train

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: mini Skinny Cow ice cream cups

Obsession of the Month: oil of oregano – I started feeling like I might be getting sick (still paranoid) and enough people recommended this potent natural remedy that I had to give it a try. It tastes awful, but if it will help me stay healthy then I’ll continue to choke it down!

Indulgence of the Month: night out for my Mom’s Birthday!

Drink of the Month: water, water, water [ignore pic above, lol]

Current Wish-List: a new spring running wardrobe from Lululemon

Current Need: a haircut, but I want to grow it out. This awkward “in-between” stage is not working for me.

Triumph of the Month: my half marathon PR of 1:42:22

Current Bane of my Existence: not one but TWO cold sores that have taken up residence on my lip/face. uggghhhh

Current Blessings: the best support system a girl could ask for

Current Excitement: upcoming races galore!

Current Goal: to remain healthy and strong through the remainder of training – only about 6 weeks til the big show!

Bring on April!

33 thoughts on “March 2011

  1. I am sure your mileage numbers look pretty sweet to you!! Great job girl.Have been letting my hair grow for about 9 months now. Just now starting to "look" long.I have a huge zit appear on my face today. Just in time for a weekend away in Charleston. PERFECT.

  2. A new spring running wardrobe. Oh boy….I am totally with you on THAT one!!I hated growing my hair out, but it was worth it in the long run. I love being able to pull it back into a ponytail again.

  3. Loving you mileage, as all mileage junkies do!Sweet races this past month and killer workouts.I've never heard of taking oil of oregano. I'll need to read up on that one.My hair is too BIG. My curls do what they want and never listen. I'm not sure I'll survive another growout so I can donate again. I might have to get it cut to save my sanity because I'm looking a little crazy somedays!Love your collection of photos at the end!

  4. I am definitely feeling jealous of your miles…WOW.I just got a new top and new running shorts from lulu yesterday. i wore them today. so comfy and so cute! now if only it was only warm enough to wear them outside to show them off.Hair is tough. When mine is to short it is so big because it is curly. so now I am in the growing out process….

  5. Another Canadian blogging runner! Are there many of us out there? I'm just a baby – in the blogging AND running worlds. You're so hardcore. I was excited to have made 14k during my long run last week. 385 km is insane! Glad I found your blog – looking forward to following your training!

  6. Woot! That is one awesome month.I've never heard of oil of oregano. Do you think it's working?My hair has definitely grown past the point of needing a cut. I like your hair at that length! It doesn't look awkward at all.

  7. Umm. I've noticed you didn't post your workout this week… Are you skeered? (that's southern twang for scared)Congrats on your monthly-mileage-PR! I'm only, oh, a solid 100 mi short 😉

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