Week 13

Three big weeks in a row are complete, with an average weekly mileage of over 60 miles and culminating with a “training run” marathon good enough for a 12:50 PR. Needless to say I am very pleased and also ready for this recovery week. After that, I have three more big weeks and then it’s already taper time. Wow!!!

Monday rest

I had a much-anticipated (as always) physio appointment in the morning, which was the perfect way to start my week. For the remainder of this training cycle, I will be going weekly to keep these muscles happy.

Tuesday 24K (2 runs) with 4 x 2000 “marathon tempo”

This week it was time to start breaking in a new pair of shoes with almost 500 miles on my last pair. I was a little nervous because Saucony released a new model of my beloved Progrid Stabil CS (I’ve been through 7 or 8 pairs), but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. They were super comfortable and a bit lighter – my feet are happy!

I headed out for a run at lunch to start my miles for the day. Felt great and just ran at a comfortable pace.

9.0KM (5.6mi) – 48:17 – 5:22/KM (8:38/mi)

After work hubs and I headed to the park together for our respective second runs for “Twosday.” It was a beautiful night with plenty of daylight left and a mild temp, though windy as per the norm these days.

We parted ways after a warm-up together and I set off for my “marathon tempo” (~10s faster than MRP) intervals. My goal was to stay in the low 5:00s (per KM) but keep it comfortable for 4 x 2000 (500 recovery).

5:03, 5:00
5:00, 5:00
4:59, 5:01
5:01, 5:01

It doesn’t get much more consistent than that! Average interval pace = 5:01/KM (8:04/mi). It blows my mind how comfortable this pace has become over the past few months.

15.0KM (9.3mi) – 1:19:28 – 5:18/KM (8:32/mi)

Wednesday 14K general

Since Tuesday’s workout had been on the easy side, I didn’t need to run a true recovery pace on Wednesday, but I didn’t have to push it either. This was one of those “just run” runs that seem to be few and far between during marathon training. I met up with my buddies for our usual Wednesday night run club and chatted away. We started nice and slow and I found myself picking it up with some faster runners once we got going.

15.4KM (9.6mi) – 1:31:32 – 5:57/KM (9:34/mi)

Thursday10K easy

I definitely wanted to keep things on the easy side with Saturday approaching. I was also able to cut down on the mileage ever so slightly, since Wednesday night’s run had been a bit long. I ran in a very light rain over lunch and constantly reeled myself in, wrapping up March with 385.4 KM (239.5mi).

8.4 KM (5.2mi) – 48:11 – 5:44/KM (9:14/mi)

Friday – 6K recovery

I went for a super slow run before hitting the road for Michigan. I didn’t post it on DailyMile or Facebook because I didn’t want to arouse any suspicion, especially since I had skipped my usual Thursday speed work. I felt like I was just shuffling on, but I knew my legs would thank me for it the next day.

5.0KM (3.1mi) – 32:27 – 6:29/KM (10:27/mi)

Saturday – Martian Marathon (second half at goal MRP)

42.2KM (26.2mi) – 3:46:06 – 5:21/KM (8:37/mi)

Sunday – rest or recovery run

I had no idea if I would be up for it since I’ve never run the day after a marathon before, hence the option for a rest day. It turns out that I felt great in the morning so hubs and I headed out together before hitting the road home. We kept it slow and short, just enough to shake out the legs a bit. This run confirms that I did not overdo it on Saturday, despite running so much faster than anticipated.

4.0KM (2.5mi) – 24:09 – 6:02/KM (9:43/mi)

Total Week 13 Mileage – 99 KM (61.5mi)
Total time: 9:10:10
Average pace: 5:33/KM (8:57/mi)

6 weeks til Mississauga Marathon 


26 thoughts on “Week 13

  1. Way to go girl!!!! You had an awesome week capped off with a great "training" marathon! You are such a rockstar to be able to use a marathon as a training run!!! I broke away from my Sacouny sneakers yesterday…jury is still out. I got Mizunos….still not sold but we'll see!

  2. What an awesome week! I still can't believe you PR'd so big in a marathon that you didn't even taper for. BQ for sure on your "real" marathon!!

  3. it's all coming together! very positive sign that you were able to do an easy recovery run the next day and felt so good. this is so exciting!

  4. as always, very impressive! keep up the great work and u will kick mississauga's butt!ps. i stil have not sent u your price for winning the race, but i will this week!

  5. You are in great shape for sure! I find running the day after and resting the second day works best for me to avoid serious sore legs. This obviously depends on the type of long run or race I've done. Keep it going!

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