Three Things Thursday

1. Hubs mentioned that he’d like to plan a mini-vacation and run a destination race somewhere in the US this fall. He didn’t have to tell me twice! The wheels started turning and after some deliberation, we decided on the Philadelphia Marathon in November! We’ve registered for the half and booked our hotel, so it’s official! We’ll be spending an extended weekend taking in the sights, running the race, eating lots of cheese steak and hanging out with Denise, Emily and Amanda! Who else wants to come??

2. I’ve officially put my gym membership on hold for the summer since I won’t be using it enough to justify the cost. (Crosstraining? Apparently I only do that in November, December and January.) This means no more treadmill running for me! I’ve barely used it lately, but it was nice to have the option in particularly nasty weather or on those cold, dark, early mornings. From now on, it’s ALL PAVEMENT ALL THE TIME.

Now we’re sure to get hit with a blizzard.

Not that kind of blizzard!
3. At the race expo last weekend I picked up a Martian Marathon tech shirt for five bucks. I later realized that it was last year’s race shirt! Oops! Having not run the race last year, I’m not sure if I should wear it or not. Would you?

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

46 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Way to go with Philly! That should be a great time to visit too…Fall and not too hot! I consider every summer putting my gym membership on hold since I am mostly outside. It makes me go do weights though which I keep saying I need to do…can we say chicken wings!I would wear it…it isn't like you didn't run the race it was just a different year….plus you rock this race so wear away!

  2. Philly was my first marathon last year – it is such a fun race!! You're going to have a great time. :)As for the shirt, I don't know if I would wear it! Maybe you could get a little creative and sharpy in the correct year on it just for fun. 😉

  3. Just because I'd spent the money on it, I'd probably wear it. But not for anything important. I'd wear it for recovery runs which are short and feel really informal. Somehow I feel like no one is looking then! I guess I'm funny like that.

  4. I think every single blogger is signing up for Philly! Its making me itch to press register!! I would totally wear the shirt, especially if its a tech t. You can never have too many of those!

  5. Philly is a great marathon! You will have a blast and probably knock out another PR while you are at it.Wear the shirt–you have done the race, so it's not true posing.

  6. Sure I'd wear it. Just use a sharpie 🙂 I don't think most people look at the year, so it could just be your secret.No cheesesteaks for breakfast before the race. I think Confucious said that.

  7. Just waiting to discuss it with Spike but I think I'm in for the Half too. 🙂 I'll let you know.As for the shirt, Spike buys previous years shirts because he says that since he's ran the race he can do that. Personally I'd just use it as a training shirt, especially since it's white.

  8. Wear the shirt. $5 is a deal! I had a friend give me an Ironman hat as a gift when I started training. Some would say that I should not wear it until I AM an Irnman but life is short and I am enjoying my gift now 😉

  9. I would say use the shirt for training runs and easy stuff. Use it as a layer for when its colder in the fall.That is awesome that you are running Philly! Should be a fun trip!

  10. Wrong year. same race. wear the shirt. easey peaseyI opted for the treadmill this morning dispite the amazing weather…sometimes perfectly flat is what I want. (we don't have that on the roads/trails) But I think you would probably be out there running even if you get a blizzard. I wish I could say I wanted to run a road marathon but I just don't. Life is too on pause for me right now to plan for the fall. I'm lucky I know what's going on this week. Enjoy the weekend.

  11. Mmmm, blizzards.I'm without a gym membership for the summer too, but I'm thinking of getting a 10 visit punch pass for a little bit of cross/strength training.I'd wear the shirt!

  12. Mmmm, blizzards.I'm without a gym membership for the summer too, but I'm thinking of getting a 10 visit punch pass for a little bit of cross/strength training.I'd wear the shirt!

  13. The t-shirt one is a tough one, you definitely have to rationalize it for yourself. I bought one from a race I wanted to run last year but which sold out before I could register. I only wear it when I run alone.

  14. if i ran the race then i'm perfectly fine wearing the previous years shirt. again with the blizzards….maybe after my 8hour stroll through boston i can get one!

  15. Per usual, I am WAY behind in blog reading/commenting – so forgive me for saying in this post: Holy crap, woman! Way to go and kick your marathon's butt! I am so impressed, and so glad I got to meet you in Seattle last year. You're quite the inspiration, and I am so excited for you! Congrats! Fingers crossed for no blizzards for you….unless they are the yummy kind.

  16. I liked being in Philly last winter so you will have a great time! We were talking about a fall race…maybe we'll have to look into it :)The good think about Blizzards at this time of year is that the snow doesn't stick around for long…

  17. have fun in philly! thats great.and YES, u should wear it. who cares of the date. it was $5 and its pretty cool/weird looking. im sure u will get lots of comments and questions!happy thursday!

  18. What? You choose Philly over the Rockie Mountains? Ok, I'll let it slide this time…but you're missing some gorgeous country!!! Next time :).I do like the shirt, I think it's really cute. Gotta wear it!!!!

  19. I love how people always wonder about this "race/shirt/swag" etiquette things…psh, girl you bought it, WEAR IT. If it sparks conversation, it's an opportunity to be like "nope, but i KILLED It this year…" Yup. Maybe 2012 can you be your Colorado-race destination year?? 😉

  20. Don't forget the soft pretzels – perfect for pre-Philly carbo loading!Looking forward to following along and meeting you in November 🙂

  21. Wear the shirt. People look at the pictures more than the words/numbers anyway and if they DO look at the words it's generally only the ones in big letters.

  22. I am debating ending my gym membership. The problem is I have the Grandfather'd old and cheaper rate (9 dollars a month) and I would have to pay the new rate plus a rejoining fee. I am going back and forth. Now that I am a hot shot biker I will probably use it even less in the summer.

  23. just wear the shirt. you didn't know it at first, and you did run it this year w/ a crazy pr so that's pretty much the same as running it last year. 🙂

  24. One of my Team Ortho friends ran Philly last year and loved it. I hope you can make a trip to Minnesota someday! :)I love DQ Blizzards, but not the real snowy ones. ;)That shirt looks awesome! Wear it!

  25. Philly is a ton of fun. Ran the 1/2 a few years ago and it is gorgeous and historic (for the US citizens…LOL!)Wear the shirt. It is a tech shirt and not a Boston Qualifier jacket.

  26. I would wear the shirt since you did run a Martian Race. Can't even have enough running shirts I always say! I love the idea of going on vacation and running a race. Love it!

  27. I'd wear the shirt, but I wear tech shirts for the race I'm running (e-Gawds!). I'm still trying to convince hubby that Philly would be fun… he's so not on board, yet.

  28. Philly is interesting. I heard it's a really nice race and I am looking for a fall race, who knows???And you should totally wear that martian shirt. I have no qualms about wearing the ATB shirt from last year even though I didn't run the race. I do intend to run it one day and the shirts are just way too nice when I saw them for $15 I had to get one!

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