Change of plans

I mentioned yesterday that I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to respond to some intervals after laying off speed work for two weeks surrounding the Martian Marathon. I was admittedly feeling a little bit flat – combine that with a lingering cold and I was not too confident going in to the workout.

That being said, it was a beautiful sunny day and I was determined to make the most of my mid-day break away from my desk. I slogged along through the warm-up, doing my best to shake off the blahhhhs and telling myself that whatever happened was okay; I just had to do the best that I could that day.

The workout: 4 x 1200 (600 recoveries) at 5KRP
(goal: 5:12 – 5:18 per 1200)

5:13 – 5:13 – 5:12 – 5:06

These were hard! And I don’t just mean “getting-a-good-workout-hard”, but “1200-feels-more-like-5000-hard”. (So I should be all set for this Saturday’s 5K, right??) I was looking at my Garmin constantly waiting for each recovery. I was a sweat-soaked mess (lucky for you I forgot the camera) and exhausted by the time I finished. So, I got it done but it wasn’t pretty.

Sometime during the workout, probably as I was wheezing my way through the 4th repeat, I realized that it would not be wise to tackle another workout that night. I decided that I would move my medium-long day (and the 10K at 103% MRP) to Thursday.

If there’s one thing I need to do in order to make it through these remaining big weeks, it’s listening to my body and being willing to compromise.

I did head out for a second run in the evening (could not resist the weather!), but kept it short and slow with a stop at the grocery store in the middle – and a full pack on the way home!


Thumbs up for “running” errands!
Psssst… I’m wearing the shirt!



31 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. I've ended up with a few pieces of unfortunately squished fruit after some poor placement in the "running errands" backpack before. But overall- yes, running errands is the best :)Well done on that speedwork! My last speed session was completely hellish too. But again- at least I got it done.

  2. Our grocery store is within run distance…..I'd still rather drive there. :0Keep the listening to your body thing in the forefront…your race is coming up fast and you are going to rock it.

  3. Great job on the double! I am sure your legs will be back to feeling good soon! You did just run an awesome marathon! I haven't run errands in a long time! I may go today cause I have to go to the bank!

  4. every post you write, i think you are more and more of a bad ass runner. this needs to stop at some point! i think running with a backpack is damn near impossible.

  5. I've posted mail and returned movies while running, but never done groceries! So productive and efficient! I like it!Keep listening to your body – you know it will pay off more than a tough workout.

  6. I was going to write nearly this exact same (at least same feelings!) post today! I thought I was finally kicking this cold…but it's like it's ramping up again. UGH. My legs are revolting on me, they are all twitchy 😦

  7. you are a machine…nice work!!! and why have i never thought to put a sweat band under my garmin?! brilliant. I hate the sweaty slippage of my watch mid run!

  8. "lucky for you I forgot the camera" – ha, so now that summer is here we don't get office-post-run shots?! πŸ˜‰ This is definitely the time to listen to those muscles! And I think "running" errands is an excellent substitute. Win, win!

  9. It took WEEKS for speed to feel anywhere near normal after my marathon. Ah to be young again and to have those speedy powers of recuperation …

  10. you're a much better person than i…was supposed to get up this morning to run and was so zapped that i stayed in bed…bad girl! hubs and i are going to head to bed early and run tomorrow morning – promise!

  11. love "running" errands and it makes me feel good about doing something positive for the environment, too. stay hydrated (with water!) and rest up, you'll be feeling better soon!

  12. I'm a recent convert to "running" errands, and love it! So nice to be outside, be active, and be productive all at the same time – especially on the days where there aren't enough hours to do everything you want/need to do.

  13. I run to the food store too! But only to get a few things. I'm not lugging back a case of Gatorade or eggs here.Umm. 4×1200 is not motivating me right now but you never know maybe I will be in the mood later.Good luck in your 5k this weekend!! Do The Lindsay and kill it!! πŸ™‚

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