Three Things Thursday

1. First up, the winner of my “Taking Care of You” Giveaway is:

Barb at Still Running 

Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!

2. This Saturday hubs and I are racing a small, semi-local 5K: the Barrie Spring Thaw. While I had high hopes of crushing my PR, the weather is looking pretty miserable and not at all conducive to doing so…

40 km/h wind = 24 mph
20mm rain = 0.8″
Lovely!!! Once we get to the site and start a warm-up, I’ll see just how bad the wind is and decide what to do; I have a 22-miler on Sunday with MRP so I’m not willing to wipe myself out at the 5K if it’s not going to be a PR day. I guess we’ll see what happens.

3. I have two workouts on deck today. I wanted to allow more time in between so I opted to run my tempo intervals early this morning instead of over lunch. That meant a 4:30AM wake-up. I struggled at first to find my morning-run mojo, but there’s something very rewarding about running in the dark for an hour (without seeing another single human) and finishing just as dawn breaks. I forced myself into an ice bath after the run in the hopes of aiding my legs in recovery before tonight’s MRP workout. Who doesn’t love to sit in a freezing cold tub of water at 6:30AM??

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

I hope everyone travelling to Boston this weekend has a safe trip and the experience of a lifetime!


27 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Kudos to you for the ice bath! I am a 4:30am runner and it is very satisfying to come back to a sleeping home knowing what I just did! It does take me a little while to get the sleepy out though!!

  2. You want to race a 5k the day before a 22 miler? Have you been hanging out with Spike and I don't know about it because that sounds like a page from his crazy training book! Good luck girl!!!Also… 4:30 am to run intervals! You continue to astound me. You are def earning a BQ come May 15.

  3. Good for you for the early morning run! Good luck at the 5K this weekend. You never know – weather reports have been known to be wrong!

  4. Hopefully that weather forecast changes!! That does not look fun! I have a 5k this weekend with Brian! I don't know if it is a PR chance at all cause its on a golf course and hilly!

  5. Dont you just love the Runners obsession of weather watching! I have a 5k on Sunday and have been watching the weather like a hawk! Good luck girly! Im sure you will rock it like usual!

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