Boston Envy

What a day yesterday! With records broken and a memorable finish in both the mens’ and womens’ races, it was a truly exciting day at the Boston Marathon. I was glued to my computer and not getting very much work done as I followed along all morning and into the afternoon.

More than anything, though, I was interested in tracking all of my friends who were out there having the time of their lives and showing us what it’s all about.

Congratulations to:

Bethany (and Ryan) race report

And from the Newmarket Running Room Marathon Team, some of my peeps:
John, Lynn, Elaine, Micki, Jayne, Paul, Steve and Jodi!
It was truly inspiring to follow along and absorb just a fraction of the experience. I want to need to will get there one day to have this experience for myself, but for now it is just a thrill to live vicariously through all of the awesome runners named above (and others); I can’t wait to continue reading everyone’s updates and reports (guess I won’t be getting much work done today either).
Of one thing I am certain: I will fight for this. Because someone assures me that it’s worth it:  
“all i can say is that it’s worth the fight to get here…totally. worth. it!”

28 thoughts on “Boston Envy

  1. You will get here (and by here, I mean I'm writing from Boston :)). It is worth it. The mark is great to reach, Boston is the true victory lap! I'm back with you starting now, looking forward to meeting the challenge again.

  2. Denise wrote a beautiful post that summed Boston up for me as well.It was cool to see all the pics and coverage. It brought back so many awesome memories.I am very optimistic that you'll be toeing the line in Hopkinton very soon! : )

  3. Yeah, productivity was hard yesterday! I was glued to runner tracking too. You'll get there–no doubt about that! And then I'll add you to my runner tracking list, too.

  4. I was doing the same thing…. So exciting! I know your going to be great and your going to get your BQ and next year we will be stalking your Bib #! =)

  5. My Boston refreshing finger and Boston Text Messaging Phone are all set and I don't want to do it again because I want to run THE BOSTON (thanks SUAR) and we shall.See you in Hopinkton.

  6. You'll get there. I've seen some of your times. Boston was great (to watch) this year. Exciting finishes in both races. Boston is a very far away goal of mine because I simply do not train. Maybe if I fix that issue…

  7. I definitely didn't get much work done on Monday. I was tracking Beth and Mel, along with our company's attorney and a friend of my fiance's from high school. You will make it to Boston, Marlene! BELIEVE!

  8. That's so funny – the last two years I was glued to my computer at work as well. This year I was there YAY! So what do you think – will you be there next year? It's an awesome race. Every runner should experience it.

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