Week 16

With the second of my final three big weeks successfully completed, the home stretch is finally in sight. I can hardly believe it’s been 16 weeks, nor can I believe the mileage and workouts that I’ve been able to handle. I am so grateful that my body has been holding up, and for all the support that I’ve had along the way. Not much longer now!


Tuesday24K with 3x(800[5KRP]-1600[10KRP]-3200[MRP])

Whatchmacallit Workout

24.0KM (14.9mi) – 2:02:28 – 5:06/KM (8:13/mi)

Wednesday13K recovery

Nice and easy Wednesday night run with the usual group. Juliana and I stuck together and kept each other in line pace-wise, while chatting and getting all caught up on things. The time flew by.

13.2KM (8.2mi) – 1:17:47 – 5:54/KM (9:29/mi)

Thursday15K with 4 x 2000 at descending pace

It was clinic night and I adjusted my schedule so I could stick with the group for some speed work. First we got to hear lots of great stories from the Boston crew – I am so thrilled for all of my friends and it has been quite a thrill having even a small role in all the excitement.

Then it was on to the workout! The plan was to start our first interval at MRP, increasing by about 10s/KM with each subsequent interval. I hung with my pace group for the entire workout – until the last kilometre when I took off like a rocket chasing the faster pace group up ahead. 🙂

5:09 – 5:12
4:59 – 4:59
4:45 – 4:45
4:32 – 3:59*

*fastest kilometre I have ever clocked!

15.1KM (9.4 mi) – 1:18:58 – 5:13/KM (8:25/mi)

Friday8K recovery

It was sooo nice to have Good Friday off work and my day started with a much-needed sleep-in! After a slow start to the day, I eventually made my way over to the park for a nice and easy run. It was a beautiful morning! My legs were pretty pooped and I had no problem keeping the pace slow.

8.0KM (5.0 mi) – 48:42 – 6:05/KM (9:48/mi)

Saturday – Uxbridge Half Marathon + 11K warm-up, 26K at MRP

Uxbridge “Run for the Diamond” Half Marathon Race Report

11.0KM (6.8mi) – 1:03:12 – 5:45/KM (9:15/mi)

21.1KM (13.1mi) – 1:46:19 – 5:02/KM (8:07/mi)


Sunday – 12K recovery
I had some recovery miles on deck to wrap up my mileage for the week, and decided to break it into two shorter runs. My legs were feeling surprisingly good after Saturday’s race. I hit the neighbourhood streets and kept comfortable for both runs.

In between the runs I set up a water station for my buddies who were out tackling their long run. I had lots of water, gatorade, fresh oranges (apparently the “best tasting oranges ever!”) and some candy. Having been on the receiving end of these little goodie stations on a long run, I know just how refreshing it is so I was happy to give back when I had the opportunity.

12.5KM (7.8mi) – 1:10:57 – 5:41/KM (9:08/mi)
(two runs of 6K and 6.5, but I forgot to reset so it recorded as one)
Total Week 16 Mileage: 105 KM (65.2mi)
Total time: 9:28:13
Average pace: 5:25/KM (8:43/mi)
3 weeks til Mississauga Marathon!

29 thoughts on “Week 16

  1. Now that I got that out of the way.. I want to RACE!! I don't feel like I got to Race in Boston.. A Half Marathon looks like too much fun. You are getting so darn speedy..And yes my friend you are my FAVORITE!!! Miss you loads..Yummy Oranges!!

  2. i seriously want to live the training cycle that you are having. everything has been coming together SO perfectly. i can't wait to see what it culminates in at your race. you are going to be fast like lightening!!!

  3. How the heck do you keep up that mileage at that speed? I get tired just looking at all the stuff you do! My marathon, Cellcom Green Bay (Wisconsin), is the same day as yours and it is fun to see your weeks compare to mine. It's almost like we're training together (except you do TONS more speedwork than I do). Keep up the fast running!!

  4. You have had an amazing training season. I'm so ready for you to run that marathon so we can all see how fast you've gotten. Hey, if I can't run far or fast, I need to live vicariously through those who can run far AND fast. ;o)

  5. I think it's your crazy Canadian use of the metric system that kept me from realizing what your marathon goal time is for so long. You are going to tear it a new one. So anxious & excited for you!and btw, my brother (in Detroit) says that if God intended for us to use the metric system, He would have given us 10 disciples. 🙂

  6. 3 weeks already????? Wow, I'm so proud of you and that mileage, that is incredible! I loved your mini-aide station idea, that is totally sweet!!

  7. It must be almost time to taper and all the madness that goes with a taper. That mileage (kilometerage doesn't have the same ring) is really impressive and has to count for a lot come marathon day.

  8. Oh man, you are so going to kill Mississauga! Have you ever thought about coaching? You have such a passion and positive attitude I'm sure you'd be a great coach.

  9. almost time to start resting up!! you are so ready so i hope you're mentally in the game, too!so nice of you to set up the little goodie stand. i'm sure everyone appreciated it!

  10. That is so nice of you to set up an aid station for your friends. Wanna come out to Idaho this summer?! LOL bring those great tasting oranges!! LOL! Sounds like a great week of runs! 🙂

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