Three Things Thursday

1. Yesterday I received some goodies in the mail!

First up, my much anticipated age-group award from the Martian Marathon:

Practicing for May 15th…
What’s your best martini recipe?
I also got my medal for placing first in my age group at the Spring Thaw 5K:
And last but not least, Candice at I Have Run sent me this “RUNNERD” sticker for all of my runnerd-ing out during our drive to Michigan.  
Thanks Candice!
2. We’ve had our first taste of muggy mornings around here. Let the sweat-fest begin! During my run this morning I had a moment of insanity courage and actually tied my shirt around my waist, running in my sports bra. Apologies to the handful of people who had to witness my white fleshy tummy in person; luckily it was still dark and there weren’t many people out.
Coming soon to the cover of Runners World!

3. Sporting Life 10K is this Sunday. So far, Nolan’s Dream Chasers have collectively raised $4,920 for Camp Oochigeas. Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored me: Patricia, Vladimir, Richelle, Jennifer, Barb, Paula, Kenny, Michael, Jen, Juliana, Kevin, Kelly and Becky!

There’s still time to donate and enter my fundraiser giveaway!

I’ve participated for the past three years and definitely look forward to this event every year. It’s draws a massive crowd with all the fun that goes along with it, including entertainment every mile. It’s a point-to-point FAST downhill course and definitely the place to PR.


A: Sub-45:00
B: Sub-47:00 to beat my “unofficial” PR set during a training run in February
C: Sub-47:59 to beat my “official” PR from SL10K 2009


40 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. yay for warmth. not yay for humidity. my hair looks like i have been hit by lightning. hahahahi ran yesterday and got my sweat on. it felt good for my lungs not to on fire from the cold.ive always wanted to do that race. maybe next year. this year i am a pace bunny for a 10k at Run for Southlake. Really looking forward to being a pace bunny. but next year, if the 2 events are not on the same day…then im doing sporting life for sure.good luck marlene. i know u will rock this race.

  2. I have my runnerd sticker on my cubicle at work. It's a nice reminder that I'm not REALLY an office drone.I looked exactly like that after my super humid 2 mile jog with the dog this morning! Real runs are going to kill me!

  3. i love your smiles! :)it is 70 out in boston this morning!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was 80 yesterday. it actually felt too hot. i am not ready for the 80s. lol all winter i complain about being cold and not it is already too hot 🙂

  4. How are you getting heat and we're not?? I feel so left out!Sorry no martini recipes here. I am so alcohol sensitive I'm quite sure a martini would kill me.Love that martian award though!

  5. Nice fetch there. My wife and I were appletini mavens at home and will get you the recipe but know that it involves apple cider, vanilla vodka, apple pucker. Probably 1/3 of each, in a shaker with ice and pour.

  6. Is it weird that I love muggy mornings?! I can't wait to get one here! Soon, please GOD!I think ANY woman running in a sports bra is a beautiful woman! It is such a hard thing for so many women (even those of you in fantastic shape) to pull that shirt off and run comfortably. I'm ALL about comfort!..and being comfortable with the bodies we have at any given time.

  7. I love mail! May 15th you should mix up some grapefruit vodka with cranberry/raspberry juice and drop in a marachino cherry or two. Yum!Good luck at the 10K this weekend!

  8. love the courageous picture!! i hope that shows you even more how far you've come! love the martini glass, altho i don't like martinis. yes, there is one adult beverage i'll turn down.

  9. I used to be self-conscious about just running in a sports bra, but here in South FL, in the summer, really it's the best, most comfortable, choice. We'll see how I feel about that after baby #2, but even after Norah, my abs bounced back in good enough style that I was okay with flashing my belly while running.

  10. Oh I want to be warm too! That martini glass is one nice award. I had the most delicious birthday cake martini a couple weeks ago. If only I knew how to replicate for you ;)Good luck this weekend! I have no doubt you are going to crush your goals!

  11. That's a really cute top. And I wouldn't worry about the belly – there's not much of one there now. You could always do the fake tan thing cause a brown belly always looks better than a white one.

  12. That martini glass is a sweet age-group award! Here's a recipe for you (I used to work part-time as a bartender):Tootsie Roll Martini:*1 shot vodka*3/4 shot Kahlua*3/4 shot creme de cacao (dark or light)Put all ingredients together with ice in a martini shaker and shake well. Strain mixture into glass.Note how much alcohol is in it. I'd wait to test it out until after Mississauga. ;-)I'm still not brave enough to go for a run wearing just a sports bra on top. Kudos to you!

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