Week 17

My last big week is complete! Ahhhhh! It seems like I was just yesterday I was getting started and taper seemed impossibly far away. Well here we are! I could not be happier with how well this training cycle has gone and I am full of confidence. Now I just need to stay healthy (and sane) over the next couple of weeks. After three weeks in a row of 62+ miles, I am ready to cut back a bit this week. The countdown is on…


Tuesday24K (2 runs) each with 10K [faster than] MRP


12.0KM (7.5mi) – 1:03:23 – 5:17/KM (8:30/mi)
5:07 – 5:08 – 5:07 – 5:07 – 5:07
5:05 – 5:05 – 5:04 – 5:03 – 5:01
avg: 5:04/KM (8:09/mi)

12.0KM (7.5mi) – 1:01:50 – 5:09/KM (8:18/mi)
5:06 – 5:05 – 5:09 – 5:04 – 5:01
5:02 – 5:00 – 5:01 – 5:00 – 4:56
avg: 5:02/KM (8:06/mi)

Wednesday13K recovery

I met the usual Wednesday group just after a thunderstorm blew through, leaving a thick layer of humidity behind. Blech. My legs felt dead for the first couple of kilometres and I thought it was going to be a miserable run, but I felt better as we went along – as usual! It turned out to be a nice run with some great company, but I am going to have to get used to this muggy air again.
13.5KM (8.4mi) – 1:18:48 – 5:50/KM (9:23/mi)
Thursday – 12K ???
I didn’t have a plan for this run except that I wanted to get it done in the morning before my weekly tune-up at physio. I would normally do speed work on Thursdays, but I was running my long run Friday morning so I knew that wasn’t the best idea, plus I had a 10K race on Sunday which would make up for it. I headed out into another muggy morning and started slow, gradually picking it up as I warmed up. It wasn’t a fast run by any means, but it was comfortable and woke my legs up.

12.0KM (7.5mi) – 1:07:24 – 5:37/KM (9:02/mi)

Friday – 29K

With the race on Sunday, I wanted to get my long run done on Friday and decided to “run-mute” to work again. I left everything I would need here yesterday (clothes, toiletries, food, etc.) and was up at 3:30 this “morning” to be out the door by 4:30.

Leaving at 4:30AM

Hubs joined me for the first 45 minutes before he had to turn back to get ready for work, and my good friend Patricia was kind enough to meet me for a long stretch in the middle. The company was great and helped the time fly by. Almost the entire route was in a straight line on one road – into the wind, of course. (Would you expect anything different??)

The run went well and although I was a bit sore and tired in the second half, I was able to pick it up and finish very strong. Just like that, my final long run is complete!

29.1KM (18.1mi) – 2:40:40 – 5:30/KM (8:52/mi)

Saturday – 10K recovery with 10×100 strides

I headed out for an easy run on a beautiful Saturday morning. I kept it easy, though my legs seemed to want to run slightly faster than recovery pace. I threw in 100m strides at the end of each kilometre just to remind my legs how to move quickly for the race on Sunday. Felt great!

10.0KM (6.2mi) – 57:11 – 5:43/KM (9:12/mi)

Sunday – 10K race

Quick Update – Full report to follow!

2.0KM (1.2mi) – 13:26 – 6:43/KM (10:48/mi) [warm up jog]

10.0KM (6.2mi) – 43:08 – 4:18/km (6:56/mi)


Total Week 17 Mileage: 100.6 KM (62.5 mi)
Total time: 9:05:50
Average pace: 5:26/KM (8:44/mi)

27 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. i don't have much to say which you don't alreay know. you are beyond prepared and ready for this. wrap your head around that and rest up over the next 2 weeks. you need rest so you can kick some ass.

  2. TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!LOVE the picture of you headed out in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to run to work on Friday. Looks like you are off for your first day at school.You are one hardcore chic!

  3. Great work! You totally deserve taper and it is going to feel so good to cut back little by little! How much are you cutting back your mileage each week?

  4. I thought about you so much yesterday! I ran Eugene and got my BQ and a new PR! You were in my mind on many miles! You are going to rock your marathon. I'm going to blog my run tonight. I hope you'll stop by and check it out…www.carpcorner.blogspot.com

  5. yeah so i'm just now realizing that you have a 43 10k pr and are about to kill the marathon.meanwhile i'm just fat, slow, and soo undertrained for a marathon the same day as yours… haha. thanks for boosting my self-esteem gahhhh ;)still in shock over the 43. oh hi kara goucher's new training partner!

  6. It must feel so good to have all that training done and dusted. Now all you have to do is let your legs recover and get even stronger and then race. Good luck with the taper.

  7. Very interested in hearing what your taper weeks are like. I am actually going a bit against what our group does as I just find it is too much of a step back. Don't tell though….

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