Three Things Sleeps Thursday

1. On Tuesday I got a speeding ticket on my way to work! Distracted, much?? Apparently somebody forgot to tell me that the race hasn’t started yet. Thankfully the kind officer accepted my plea of taper madness and knocked it down to the minimum offence. Phew!


2. I thoroughly enjoyed my day off yesterday, including physio, some relaxation, shopping and running, of course!

you will be happy to know the peanut butter situation is no longer critical!

3. Want to see what’s in my Lululemon bag? New shorts!!

perfect gel pocket!

so what if it’s a little bulgy? 😉

I took these babies out on for a test run last night and – no surprise – they are amazing. Luon never lets me down. Pretty sure they will be making their racing debut on Sunday! Have you ever worn something new on race day?

Three more sleeps!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for a training recap, race goals and some mush!


42 thoughts on “Three Things Sleeps Thursday

  1. I bought an iFitness belt at the Disney expo and wore it the next day at the marathon. Of course, I slathered Blue Steel all around my midsection so I didn't get any chafing.Can't wait to read your race goals tomorrow! It's been fun following your training for this one.

  2. I don't think I've ever worn anything new- but at the moment I'm getting down to the wire and I hate my shoes. So I'm trying to figure out whether I get new shoes three weeks out or suffer with the ones I hate.THREE SLEEPS!!! AHHH!

  3. I can't wait to read your race goals, although I think I know what your main goal is. :)I love lululemon gear! I haven't worn their shorts yet, but I've got two shirts and two crops that I wear a LOT.Sorry about the speeding ticket! At least you got it reduced. When I got mine in 2007, the police officer had no pity on me: $142 down the drain.

  4. I have probably worn a different TShirt on race day but one that is the same brand as others I have worn so it wasn't a biggy. I realllly came close to getting a ticket the other day…scary close actually…..3sleeps3sleeps3sleeps3sleeps!

  5. Boo on the speeding ticket!Actually for my last half (that I need to post a recap for) I wore a brand new running skirt (completely untested brand and style) and a new tank. New shirt, not as worried but the running skirt/compression shorts had potential for disaster! (Thankfully it worked just fine)

  6. I totally need some shorts with a gel pocket. I am all about being minimalist and hate to carry stuff or wear any type of pouch or bag. I don't mind the bulge. I was totally bummed my new running skirt came without a single pocket 😦

  7. I've tried new things on a race day before with drastically different results.A. New shorts just happened to be amazing and caused no problem.B. Shaved my bikini line the night before a race so I could hot tub at the hotel. The next day, the lining of my shorts rubbed there and it hurt a LOT.Compression shorts are a lot less risky choice. Chafing probably won't be a worry, but them riding up might be.

  8. Yep. I wore new socks on race day – my first half marathon. That was a mistake. I ended up with the worst blisters on my feet and had to walk most of the last 3 miles! youch! cute shorts!

  9. That is awesome the cop gave you a lower offense. Who thought taper madness would be a legitimate reason outside of the running world? I usually wear a new shirt race day that is exactly like other shirts I've trained I. Just a new fun color. I've done new socks and will never that again!

  10. So sorry about the speeding ticket. I have had 2 in the past 2 months.I have worn new things on race day. Some good experiences some bad experiences. Good Luck!!

  11. Too bad about the speeding ticket! I once got pulled over for speeding when I lived in New Zealand – the officer let me go because he was born in Canada too!I like the new shorts! I would trust anything Lulu as I've never had an issue with any of their running gear – just be prepared for your gels to get nice and heated!

  12. Ah, sorry about the speeding ticket! That stinks, but I think its a good sign for Sunday, you are ready to go FAST! :-)Love the shorts! I often wear new things on race day, no problems. Enjoy your 3 sleeps!!

  13. Seems you have taper under control…except for the speeding ticket. I never wear new things on race day. I know there are some I can, but I just never do.

  14. Did you really tell the officer it was taper madness? I think that's awesome.Great looking shorts! I haven't done anything new on race day, but I think there are times you can get away with it. By now, you have a pretty good feel for what types of clothes work.

  15. You will be getting another speeding ticket come Sunday ;)I am always too nervous, specifically for shorts, to wear them if I haven't worn them on a double digit run to make sure they don't ride weird. I am also very supersticious so that could be why too 😉 gotta love lulu!

  16. Yuck on the ticket. yeah for a nice cop. I'd love a day off…with no kids. shhh don't tell or I won't get too many votes on Circle of Moms blog contest with talk like that. ;-)I have worn new sock, new tops, new shorts, new visors, new Garmins and most recently new shoes…during my 50 miler. Brand new Zero miles but they were the exact style I had been wearing. I usually end up okay when I break that "no new things rule." I've been strong! It's almost here.

  17. i don't even want to say it b/c i know i'm going to jinx myself, but i have never gotten a speeding ticket. and i have such a lead foot. woo hoo! 3 days!

  18. (my emails/internet are doing weird things to day, so if i post twice lets blame it on the world wide web).what i meant to say about the ticket but i guess speed is on ur mind.2. cute shorts3. 3 more sleeps.keep hydrating and carbo loading!

  19. Sorry to hear about the ticket, but I have worn new items on race day. Nothing critical though. A pair of shades and a new sleeveless shirt that was identical to one that I run in often.

  20. I think I left a comment when this was originally posted, but then it disappeared due to Blogger's snafu. I'm glad the speeding ticket was reduced. The only time I got a speeding ticket, the police officer had no pity on me. $142 down the drain!I love lululemon! I've been wearing their stuff at a lot of my races this year.

  21. Is that SMOOTH peanut butter?!!! I don't know if I can still be your friend. It's a fundamental difference that may be too hard to overcome.I'll be thinking of you this Sunday(Monday here) and waiting for the results.

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