About Boston…

Incase you didn’t hear, hubs and I qualified for Boston last weekend! 🙂

To answer the most frequently asked question, no it has not fully sunk in yet. In a lot of ways, I didn’t think this would ever be my story to tell. 32 months ago I ran my first marathon in 4:42. I was proud of that – I still am – but I never thought I would be a sub-4:00 marathoner, let alone a Boston Qualifier.

I remember back in October 2009 when I ran the last few kilometres of the Toronto Marathon with a good friend who was qualifying for Boston for the first time. I ran beside her and got the crowd all riled up, shouting “THIS GIRL IS GOING TO BOSTON!” It was such a joy to share that moment with her, and I knew then and there that one day I wanted to experience that for myself.

So about Boston…

Things changed this year, with the new rolling registration procedure. When the news came out back in February, I was just starting to think that a BQ could be within the realm of possibility for me this year. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t devastating at the time – I felt that dream slipping farther out of reach.

All I could do was my best. That BQ was incredibly important to me, whether it would lead me to Boston 2012 or not. I wanted it, I worked for it and I got it. I crossed that finish line with a BQ time and minutes to spare, screaming and cheering and crying as though I had won the race; it felt like I had.

It is admittedly a little disheartening that I didn’t get to say: “I’m going to Boston!” The reality is, I don’t believe there is a very good shot that I will actually get in with my time. 3:37 simply may not be good enough for Boston… but it’s good enough for me. For now. 😉

I’m nowhere near finished yet.


51 thoughts on “About Boston…

  1. You are so inspiring! I just ran my first full in 5:14. I hope I can improve and get a BQ one day. I hope your time gets you in, but even if it doesn't you have accomplished so much!

  2. Yeah, it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. For me, because I'm old, I am golden with the 20 minutes. But for you younger folks, it's not so easy. But like you said, if not this year, you will be back!

  3. All you can do is hope for the best. The registration fairies may or may not be kind! But you're right- if it doesn't happen this year, it will happen soon!

  4. You will get there at some point. The rolling stuff makes it tough, but you have a strong time and you have worked your ass off. I don't know of anyone more deserving!

  5. Great attitude. You'll get there. If not this year, eventually. I just read that the average runner maxes their potential after 10 years of consistent training. Look how far you've come. I know there is even more in you!

  6. I honestly felt like so many people heard about the rollover times and said "f*ck it" that you might be surprised. When I found out about the times I got a little nervous but not too much so because I had secretly been training for a 3:35 all along anyway. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you my dear but something tells me, after everything you put in to that there's no way you're not going to Boston in 2012.

  7. You qualified…so if you dont get in on registration there are other options.. The "Invitational" Entry is a GREAT way to run.. It is twice the price but they take your qualifying time into account so you feel like a regular registration.. If it comes down to it and you WANT to go to Boston… We will find a way.. from someone who missed registration I know it can be done..CONGRATS again..Hmmmmmm….I seem to remember having a glass of wine and telling you that a BQ was possible… I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!BELIEVE!!!!!

  8. You achieved your goal by working extremely hard. You'll reach all the goals eventually because you are so dedicated. You inspire many of us.

  9. You ROCK, girl! I remember the feeling when I hovered around the 4-hour range to finally get a 3:45 and BQ!!! I worked my arse off, just like you…and it all paid off! So so soo proud of you and I know the places you go will be so far!!!!

  10. "I'm nowhere near finished yet. " – WATCH OUT, racers, this girl is on her way to something big 🙂 I love the attitude! Who knows what will happen with Boston 2012, but you'll get there someday – that we know for sure.

  11. What I love about this whole post is your determination. You did not give up on trying to BQ and think that determination will get you into boston. I am just so proud of everything you have accomplished and your posative attitude!

  12. You ARE and ALWAYS WILL BE a Boston Qualifier. Don't let anyone take that away from you!I am in about the same boat as you (I think). I hope my best was good enough, but I am debating on another fall marathon, just in case. At least by then, I will know if I got in to 2012 and this will be for 2013. I have a birthday coming up that puts me up an age group, so with the NEW time standards for 2013, my time stays the same.

  13. I'm loving your attitude too!You are truly an inspiration….I have been running for years and I have had my fair share of successful marathons. I wanted to share something from one runner to another (I'm sure your readers won't mind either:) My trainer recommended a service that is already exploding everywhere, I've been using this tool http://www.fitango.com/actionplans/23-week-chicago-marathon-training-plan/30932. It has changed my life! I hope you will check it out like I did. Best of luck on the Boston Marathon. :)Cathy

  14. The way I look at it youBQ'ed-the end. Whether you actually DO Boston is separate and many I've talked to who have done it haven't loved the race all that much-what they've loved is the BQ and deserving to be there-which you can check off for sure! Now maybe you'll get there-if not this year then another time-but nobody can take it away from you.

  15. I love your attitude, marlene. It is a crappy feeling to BQ and still not be 'sure' that you will be at the starting line. However, no matter what —you have accomplished something HUGE. I hope they can figure that out. I'd almost rather them lower standards even more and guarantee that you will get in, then fill up before everyone qualifies gets in. It's just too disheartening to work so hard and then not get to go. I think deep down, though, you will be there next year. I just know it. Congrats, again.

  16. You're a Boston Qualifier. No one can ever take that away from you, whether you chose to run, get to run, or whatever happens!! I know that less than a year from now we will all be reading about your experience in Boston–it is all part of the bloggy plan, I think!

  17. Boston is not the defining moment for marathoners. It is not. That defining moment is really not a moment at all. It's the experiences during training that open your eyes to the FACT that you can cross any finish line you want to with the right effort. It's the experiences that show you that what you BELIEVED before was far less than you CAN DO now. You are an AMAZING RUNNER! You don't need to quailify for anything. You just need to keep reaching into those places you've never gone before and seeing what is there for you.So proud of you both for reaching that Boston quailifying time.

  18. Whether you ever actually run the race or not – you qualified and that is HUGE! And I have to agree with the others that this is just the beginning of your awesomeness.

  19. I have no doubts that you will run Boston next year. Even with the rolling registration process, you will find a way to be there at the starting line in April. You are determined, and that is only one of the many reasons why you are awesome. 🙂

  20. I know exactly what you mean! While I beat my qualifying time, the registration seems SO daunting!And to be honest, while I would love to run it, I truly am content to have just QUALIFIED. 🙂 To have another PR 🙂 To have achieved my goal of qualifying! 🙂 I get it!

  21. it is hard to think that you worked so hard to get there and the new process might hamper that. but stay positive, you never know!!! i'll give up my spot next year so you can be there!

  22. Great post and great attitude!! I HOPE you guys both get in for 2012 but I know you will definitely be there soon after that if it doesn't happen this year.

  23. You DID win the race! You BQ'd and call me crazy but I think there's a VERY good chance you'll be toeing the line in Hopkinton.That BQ is yours! I feel it's the universe's way of saying "oh honey you have no idea what great things you are capable of". Love your last line!

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