Back to reality

Hubs and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during our post-marathon celebration. It was indulgent, to say the least! There were so many foods and drinks that I had been craving in the days weeks leading up to the race when I was trying to keep my diet as clean as possible, and I was definitely ready to treat myself when the time came.

But enough was definitely enough and after a week 9 days of never saying no, I am ready to clean things up again! I have been suffering from constant gut-rot and it got to the point where I was hardly even tasting the food anymore. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I have issues with the concepts of self-control and moderation.

So it’s time to get healthy again! A trip to the produce section was in order.

It’s good to be back in my usual routine with a healthy diet and I feel soooo much better already. 

What are your favourite post-race indulgences?

48 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. beer beer beer beer beer….and pizza.:)But yes, as someone who eats pretty healthily for the most part, I definitely feel icky when I say "YES PLEASE" and "MORE" a little too often.

  2. I am sucker for ice cream and I actually always crave it the night before a race but I resist because I know it will just make racing miserable for me!I just love anything sweet- especially candy but I need to stay away from that stuff!

  3. man you guys did it up right!i LOVE chocolate donut holes post race, also anything smothered in cheese. I went through a phase where I would eat mozzerella sticks after every marathon. and booze, you can't forget plentiful amounts of booze.

  4. steak. and garlic mash potatoes. and gravy. and mushrooms. and garlic bread. maybe some veggies. maybe. and beer. and some wine. red. or white. or whatever. and ice cream. and Belgian waffles…with syrup. and …

  5. I. Loved. This. YUM!The pizza the cupcakes. Wow. Yummy. I always crave Mexican food or breakfast foods. Ya. I. Know. Weird. πŸ˜‰ fitting.

  6. cheeseburger and fries and a beer are my fave post race indulgence. looove it.good for u for being bad for 9 days. u totally deserve it. love the individual pizzas that you and ur husband had. πŸ™‚

  7. Anything that is NOT pasta or peanut butter.A cheeseburger and a big glass of red wine is my am back on track nutrition wise and am very happy for it….

  8. OMG, you are totally cracking me up! I go into a sugar coma when I'm post-marathon. Isn't that a right of passage? πŸ™‚ Glad you indulged, you so deserve it!!!

  9. Yummy food photos! Good thing I had a healthy hearty breakfast or I would be searching for a sweet snack.Post race? I usually don't have much of a habit of indulging post race. Ever since the 50 miler I've been struggling with getting back to race weight (odd but I gained weight in the weeks before the 50 and ended the race heavier!). So for me right now it's pretty clean eating all the time while I/dr.s figure out if the gain was just stress induced or a problem. The up side is I already love eating from "the ground" so fruits and esp. veggies are A-ok with me! Glad to have you back on the vegetable wagon. πŸ˜‰

  10. I am detoxing as we speak but those cupcakes and drinks are making me want to cry they look so good!My post race meal is a Matt's Bar Famous Jucy(spelled wrong on purpose) Lucy!!! YUM.

  11. that all looks yum. Post race I said yes to everything! I loved every second of it! After a week of that I was ready to get back to my regular eating schedule.

  12. Hah this post looks awfully familiar πŸ˜‰ I am the SAME WAY – eat crap for a week then bring on the veggies!!! I don't think I can pick one favorite post race treat: candy, cookies, ice cream – yes please!

  13. You've more than earned every one of those indulgences! I always say we're going to stop on the way home from marathons so I can get a Wendy's Frosty. Somehow that never happens.

  14. Post-race… always fajitas. I crave them like crazy.BTW, I've been wanting to e-mail you. I am confident going into my second marathon and there are just so many posts about marathons gone wrong… and I have one of my own like that from after my first marathon… but what I really needed is to read one that said, you know what, I did what I needed, and it worked out. Thank you for posting as much detail as you did about your feelings throughout the day. It was the last shove I needed to really go for it in 10 days.

  15. I'll have to go with pizza too. I'm not sure if it's the carbs I'm craving or what, but I always pizza after a long run. LOL! πŸ™‚ But you are right, it feels get to get some good healthy eats in after a few days of not healthy ones.

  16. Oh man, I am definitely feeling you here. It is time to get back to reasonable eating. My stomach has let me know. ALSO, I wanted to thank you, sincerely thank you, for your comments on my race. Once I was coherent again after the race, you were the first person I thought of, because I knew you'd been through the same thing not long ago. I've gotten a lot of encouragement from a lot of people, but it never means so much as when it comes from someone who really gets it.

  17. You deserved every bite!! But I totally get feeling like crap after awhile of indulgences!! Mine are pizza, ice cream, pastries, yummy breakfasts… I could go on and on…

  18. After all the hard work you put in for Mississauga, you deserved all that delicious, bad-for-you food and beverages.Beer is definitely my favorite post-race indulgence. It has to be good beer too, not crappy domestics like Michelob, Miller and Budweiser. Yuck!

  19. Hmmm…to be honest I don't restrict too much during training, ha but my celebrations are usually a mimosa brunch or beer & pizza! The mimosa brunch I've only ever done after a Long training run w/ friends, or after a race, so I guess that does count ;)Anyway! You grocery buys look so fresh and delicious!

  20. But everything looks soo goooood. I can't do moderation either, but that's fine. I don't really need any bad food anyway right? Not healthy for me (or anyone, obviously). Clearly I am the spokesgirl for eating healthy…

  21. Happy you could PLAY a bit and get back on track! Could you please post one of your crazy hair pics? I really want to steal it for my blog…PLUS it makes me smile, and I could use a SMILE today!

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