Few things on Friday

1. I am enjoying limbo land right now – while I do have a recovery “training” schedule, I am mostly using it as a guideline and just running if/when I feel like it. I’m still feeling a little bit worn out and run down (the week of debauchery may have contributed to that…), so I am definitely giving myself the time I need to recover. I also know I need the mental break as much as the physical one. That being said, hubs has been working away at my next training schedule and I’m kind of excited to get started. In due time…

2. Last night we had our end-of-season social with the running group. Someone was kind enough to host all 50++ of us in her house, where we enjoyed all kinds of food, drinks and laughs. Coach Don also put together an epic slide show with photos from throughout the season – it was fun to look back on all those cold and snowy Sunday morning runs, countless races and of course our “runches.”

And there was cake!!!
Lots of cake…

3. I hope all of my friends south of the border have a fantastic long weekend! We had ours last week, but I could really go for another one…


22 thoughts on “Few things on Friday

  1. Permanent 3-day weekends would be awesome, yes? Of course, you know me…I have all summer off so I shouldn't be whining :).So glad you're enjoying your much-deserved break!!!Happy weekend, Chica!!

  2. It is nice to read about someone actually doing some rest/recovery and not rushing into running…you deserve it.I have Monday off…but have to work all weekend in return…drag.

  3. Take your time and give your body a well deserved break πŸ™‚ Sounds like a really great end of year party…I think I'd like to have a group to work out with.

  4. I'm sort-of glad that you're feeling a bit run down – it shows that your not superhuman. After all that training and that amazing race your bodies probably ready for a little break.

  5. yumm cake! hope you are having a good weekend! I know these three days are not going to be enough! Its only sunday and I am so tired! I will need more days off just to recover!

  6. how fun, and look at all that cake!!! I've always wanted to be part of a running group…maybe I should check around our area?! Love the clif and GU sitting on the cake…cute πŸ™‚

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