When 10 miles feels long

Isn’t it funny how 10 miles feels short at the end of a training cycle, but can seem so long just a few weeks later? Here we are two weeks post-race and I wanted to put in a long-ish run over the weekend. When going from a spring to fall marathon, there’s not a whole lot of time between training cycles since the races are 4-5 months apart as opposed to 6-7 months from a fall to spring marathon. Since training will start again in no time, I knew I couldn’t slack off on the distance for much longer.

I decided I’d like to run about 10 miles, but it just seemed soooo far. I wasn’t feeling too enthusiastic about it on Saturday morning… luckily hubs was coming with me and I knew I just had to suck it up and I’d probably definitely feel better if I did it.

Anyway, we headed out Saturday morning for this looooong run. We went to our favourite spot and I was immediately more enthused about the run once we got started on those familiar trails.

We followed the path north where the pavement ends and took to the real trails for the majority of our run. It was so quiet and peaceful and before I knew it, we were almost done. Hubs went on to run a few extra so I took the opportunity for a self-photo shoot.
It still felt a lot longer than the distance would have a couple weeks ago, but it was nice to get some decent miles on my legs again. I’m definitely ready to get back into the swing of things and start feeling like a marathoner again. 



29 thoughts on “When 10 miles feels long

  1. I feel like ten miles feels like forever now that the seasons are changing. With the humidity and heat, it's like starting all over again from a fitness standpoint. I'm not a fan lol.

  2. I had a rough weekend of working in the middle of the night both Fri and Sat…and the only time I felt great was during/after my Sunday run. I did ~10km …not your 10 miler but it was awesome…Yeah for trails! I can't wait to do some of this over the summer.

  3. I totally know what you mean…I've been taking it easy after the half and before training for the marathon…and this weekend 10K seemed interminably long!

  4. I totally "get this" I will be running a 10-12 miler this wk. I'm in 5k training mode, and yes, I fear this run will be LONG, but I will feel great when I complete the task, and complete my LONG for the wk.

  5. The humidity was not ideal either. Good for you for just getting it done! I can't imagine what summer training is going to be like, I think I'll be hearing the alarm at 4:30am more often!

  6. ditto on the YAY for posting in miles. so much easier on my brain!great job on getting out there and getting your 10 in! I am counting the days until I can RUN…period! Can't wait!

  7. My 10 mile "taper" run felt long on Friday, ha thats what I get for not giving myself a rest day and being a sucker to the gorgeous sunny morning instead ;)those trails would be hard to resist, beautiful pics!

  8. I always am amazed at how different miles feel at different points in our training. I love it when I can say I "only" ran such and such and mean it.

  9. I totally get it! Getting back to longer mileage hasn't been too easy. I finally did 12 today and loved it but it's taken weeks!

  10. i think that this happens to me extremely quickly, as in from week to week 🙂 i ran 7 miles for the first time in forever with karyn when she was here over the weekend. felt like an awesome accomplishment even though i trained for and ran plenty of half marathons and even a full at one point… it's nice to not go too far sometimes, though. ok who am i kidding, i rarely ever want to go that far 🙂

  11. After my marathon I kept thinking "It's only 15k so how come it hurts so mush? I was running 30+ k a few weeks ago." It's amazing what a marathon will take out of you.

  12. Ugh yes I know all about this part and really kind of hate it! Won't be long though and we will be back spitting out 10 milers no prob 😉 great job!

  13. I totally agree with you! I actually get a little sad before a big race because I feel like I go in so strong and come out sort of piddly and have to build up again. 10 used to be just another run day and I'm at the point where 10 is my long run. But oh well… I'll get bac there 🙂

  14. yeah those people running BQ's, they're not real marathoners ;)no i know what you mean. just doesn't feel like "real" running unless you run double digits or more!

  15. I totally know what you mean about certain distances seeming long or short depending on where you are in your training cycle. But way to get it done and not let the 10 seem to daunting.

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