Featured Food: grilled veggies!

Towards the end of my last training cycle, I started getting pretty bored with my usual eats. I am a full-on creature of habit when it comes to food and I can go weeks or months on pretty much the same meals and snacks, but there comes a time when my diet needs an overhaul!

By the time race day arrived, I did not even want to look at steel cut oat or brussels sprouts.

After a post-marathon week(+) of celebratory indulgences, I was excited to get back on track with a healthy diet. I also knew that it was time to mix things up and try some new things in place of my standard fare.

Now that it’s BBQ (hehe) season, I treated myself to a new toy: a grill basket! I absolutely love grilled vegetables and I have no idea why I have not owned one previously.

It’s super quick &  easy to chop up a ton of veggies in big chunks, toss with some olive oil and salt & pepper and throw them into the basket. I place it on the grill on low for about 20 minutes, shaking a few times and turning the entire basket over once or twice.

veggie goodness!

And voila, a big pile of delicious grilled vegetables – the perfect addition to any meal! I’m loving these and it’s been a delicious and easy way to mix things up.

The best part is that they taste even better (in my opinion) cold! I’ve been bringing leftovers on a bed of spinach for lunch, with a splash of vinaigrette and some chickpeas for added protein. De-lish!

I’m planning to make this Grilled Vegetable Quinoa Salad tomorrow! (thanks Kelly for the recommendation!)

Do you eat grilled veggies? Any ideas for me?

35 thoughts on “Featured Food: grilled veggies!

  1. I cook my on a large trey in the oven. I cook a large portion to make it through the wk. I also recently discovered brussel sprouts and trying to experiment with other veggies. I also recently discovered green monsters. A great way to get a lot of veggies down easily. I like to EAT most of my calories, but veggies, I just want to get them in, anyway possible.

  2. yes please grilled veggies! Love them! I love grilled corn and also I love putting pineapple with the peppers, onions and zucchini! Maybe try some fruit and veggies – not sure how it would work with the basket! That thing looks pretty awesome!

  3. I made that quinoa salad last week, but just left out the chipotles because my husband dislikes them and they're too spicy for Sof. It was really really good, and even he agreed that it would've been good with the chipotles!

  4. YUM YUM YUM! I *think* we have a grill basket. I'm going to check then recommend this to my hubby, since he does all our grilling. Good call!

  5. And to think I've been doing a half-assed job trying to grill veggies on foil! Going to get me a basket pronto! I think it'll make a great father's day gift. 😉

  6. I've grilled corn on the cob a few times, that's pretty fun! We also grill sweet potatoes, which are so yummy on the grill! Your dish looks awesome!

  7. Oh that looks SO good! They'd probably be great with some balsamic reduction. Oh and broccoli & carrots. Hmmm, may have to get myself one of these baskets … and get the BBQ operational.

  8. Thanks for the recipe idea Marlene!! Moe walked through the door as I read your post with Salmon, not knowing what do with it. I cut up a ton of veggies (onions, carrots, red potatoes, yellow and green peppers) and grilled it. With a glass of Barefoot Pinot Grigio, it was the perfect dinner!!

  9. Yay for bBQ season!! 🙂 Your grill basket looks amazing, I need to get one and stat! Love your idea of throwing the veggies cold on salad the next day. Mmm…gonna have to give that a try!

  10. i loooooooooooooove grilled veggies. but we don't have a big grill, so i found this fabulous pre-grilled frozen mix – 2 options- at Hannafords and I LIIIIVE on it :)your next mission? grill fruit!!! 🙂 i like grilled pineapple mmmm. i've also seen other people grill other fruits, too. maybe peaches? bananas…

  11. Yum! We throw some herbs from our garden into the veggie mix when grilling. Rosemary, basil and thyme are good ones. They also fill the air with herby-ness. Love it!!I'm trying to recover from post marathon treats. It's not that easy, I had a few bad habits!!

  12. I love seeing pro-veggie posts like these – it encourages me to eat more veg. When I was camping this last week, I got corn and campfire roasted it. It's the closest I have to a grill! I do a lot of oven roasting though. LOVE.

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