Three Things Thursday

1. Thanks for all your ideas on grilling vegetables! We stocked up on loads of colourful deliciousness last night and I whipped up this Grilled Vegetable Quinoa Salad with Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette.


2. We’ve been hit with our first summer heat wave this week which has led me to a quick switch to morning running; I’ve been up early the last 4 mornings. I love how quiet and peaceful it is, and I’m amazed at how light it is by 5am! Waking up as early as 4:15AM is not ideal, but my body adapts pretty easily and I am falling asleep before 9 – while the neighbourhood kids are still outside playing. :/ The mornings are still quite warm and muggy [although this morning is blissfully cool and actually felt a bit nippy!] – nothing like a good sweat fest before work!

3. I won these sweet RazzyRoo socks from Denise recently by selecting my own number (it wasn’t fixed, I swear)! They came in the mail yesterday and I was pumped to try them on. They are super comfy and they look.. well, bad a**! These will definitely be making an appearance at a race soon. Thanks RazzyRoo and Denise!
Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!
 Tell me three things!

34 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Having ran in the afternoon 95-100 degree temps this past week I am now considering more a.m. runs. Being at work by 7am will push my wake up time WAY EARLIER than I would like. ;)I WANT THOSE SOCKS!!!!

  2. 1- I too am excited that today is cool and breezy. The last few days have been too hot!2- I love your socks.3- I think my sore toe nail might be ready to get into a pair of closed toe shes again…maybe I'll go for a run this afternoon!

  3. Nice socks! I am definitely loving the early morning runs and my body is getting used to being up that early and running again. It is astounding how different summer morning running is from winter morning running!

  4. LOve the new socks…super cool! 1. my body hurts from my run yesterday, but it felt good to step it up!2. I signed up for my FIRST half marathon yesterday, celebrating national running day :)3. I tried a cleanse yesterday morning that promised 12hr results and it was a fraud…didn't work AT ALL.

  5. Love love love morning runs and can't wait until school is over so it can be an every day wake up for me!I may just steal your grilled veggie recipe for me!!! It looks amazing!!Love the socks! I have kind of short and stumpy legs…a little nervous to try the high sock thing!

  6. Wow, right from winter -> hot summer for you guys, huh? At least you adapt quickly ๐Ÿ˜‰ Those morning pics are gorgeous!3 things here: D gets home tonight (yay!), I unpacked the last two boxes last night & right now I'm standing (vs sitting) at my comp. :)Happy Thursday!

  7. Happy Thursday to you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Three things… My bridal shower is on Sat!, I'm getting the apt all ready for the future hubs, and I'm going out to lunch with a best friend today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 1. I need to get back to the early morning running, but it's hard when I've been doing more work in the post-dinner hours here lately.2. Those socks are rad.3. I have been craving grilled veggies, so I might just have to copy your salad.

  9. Weโ€™ve had our first major cold front this week. Mornings have been -2ยฐC (28F). Iโ€™m not running this week with my fractured toe after Comrades so Iโ€™ve been pretty happy to be a wimp early in the morning.

  10. OK food photo – yum and I hate that "q" crap……the food "q" crap [just in case MR q reads this]. ;)NEED LINK TO SOCKS. SERIOUSLY!!

  11. Ok, I am wondering if compression socks would help my achy calf muscles – I must look into those!Summer hit hard her too, somewhere we missed spring. I'm actually looking forward to not being up at 4am for once to get in a long run before the onset of heat… one perk of being injured – ha.

  12. 1. I really want to see your crazy hair makes me laugh/smile.2. Rainy June day today(so wrong)3. Dying to run and worried about my foot. Feeling a little "soft" and need to get some cardio in ASAP to the BSAP!

  13. Morning runs are the only way to go. You get to be there at the best part of the day – and the coolest in Summer. And you get it over and done with so you don't have to save up a bit of energy (maybe that's just me)

  14. 1) Only 5 days until school is out for the summer and we head to Myrtle Beach, SC for vacation!2) Totally pouring down rain, here in Walla Walla, WA. Blah!3) Have had a great running week…not huge miles, but happy miles, and sometimes, that means more!Have a great weekend Marlene!

  15. 1) I'm totally not lying, but you inspired me to make BBQ'd veggies for my mum's group lunch/playdate yesterday and of course, we all enjoyed them2)For the price of ONE pair of lulu shorts, I got FOUR items of clothing today!3)I think I'm going to be close to being able to have you as a pacer in November! Eeeks!

  16. The only time I like to run in the morning is on Saturdays or Sundays. My weekday runs occur after work, which is a great stress reliever for me.That salad looks fantastic! I hope to hit up the nearby farmer's market on Saturday morning to pick up some produce to make some healthy meals for the week.I got your e-mail, and I'm excited to see what you sent me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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