Track Tuesday – foiled by Mother Nature!

Juliana and and I had grand plans of hitting the track early this morning for some intervals. Unfortunately I woke up at 4:15AM to thunder and lightening. I actually got up, half-dressed and ate some oatmeal — hoping it would blow over quickly — before J called at 4:30 and we decided to scrap it for today.

I will run in just about anything, but I am not comfortable heading out in a thunderstorm. I was, however, quite comfortable rolling back into bed for a couple of hours…

Go figure – my very first scheduled workout on the new training plan was foiled. I can easily swap today’s run with tomorrow, but it means running 10K over lunch today since we have plans this evening. With a forecasted humidex of 96F, I am not particularly looking forward to that – at least it’s not Snowmageddon?!

So, Track Wednesday it will be!

Will you run in a thunderstorm?

34 thoughts on “Track Tuesday – foiled by Mother Nature!

  1. I'm with you…I was all set to go and heard the thunder and made the decision to not run. I wrote a post about running and thunderstorms….forget it. Lightning will always win. I'm glad I didn't even try as the lightning strikes were unbelievable…apparently there were some houses that were hit and caught fire. I'm flammable as well….yikes.

  2. I will run in a thunderstorm if I think it is almost over and I can tell the lightning is far away.I stupidly found myself in the middle of the Experimental Farm in Ottawa just as a storm started rolling through and was so terrified of the lightening that not only did I run faster than I ever thought I could to get out of there, but promised myself I'd NEVER be in that position again.We're looking at some unfortunate humidex numbers today too- not looking forward to it.

  3. I will only run in a thunderstorm if I'm caught out in one in the middle of a run. I fear getting struck by lightning or a falling tree. Can I ask what time you go to bed in order to wake up at 4:15 for your work outs?

  4. Thunderstorms and I don't mix. I can run in a monsoon and be happy but thunderstorms are not for me. I will skip that always.Way to rework the schedule. You know you are going to have to roll with changes so why not on the first day?

  5. I actually ran in a thunderstorm last week, but it was the tail end of it, so I wasn't too worried. I won't go out in a full-blown storm. And I would totally LOVE to just roll over and go back to sleep because mother nature told me to 🙂

  6. I've been caught in T'storms but don't go out in them unless i think I can finish before they approach. You're smart to wait. You'll get it in I'm sure.Broiling here today!

  7. you're definitely early enough that rolling with the punches won't mess you up a bit!! i once HAD to get a 16 miler in and i didn't belong to the gym at the time. i ran the entire thing in thunder and lightening. it was scary but so fun! needless to say, i got a lot of weird looks.

  8. lol my mom read my thunderstorm track workout post and the first thing she said when i went home the following weekend was: "next time don't run in a thunderstorm!!" lol lol. she is right tho! as usual!! :)what is your SECRET to revving the intensity early in the AM???? do you get used to it with practice?

  9. I had a couple of runs I started in O.K. weather and then was surprised by thunder and lightening. It was scary and I got really paranoid about having my ipod on (attracting the lightening). It was also on a course with no trees and I am over 6', so I was the highest point.Scary!

  10. Absolutley not! Never ever run in a T-storm….you made a wise move…more people are killed by lightning every year than you can imagine…have a blast at the track tomorrow my friend!

  11. That would make me pretty nervous too. We luckily don't get a lot of that out here. Ummmm … "enjoy" your hot run today – hahaha. You're a trooper!

  12. I have gotten caught out in them from time to time and didn't stop running. With a Tstorms ability to "pop" up I know that the risk (lightening) can be produced looong before the storm is visible, knowing that reminds me that I am at risk during the spring and fall anytime the barometric pressure is favorable for storms. But my chances a greater that a car will hit them than a lightening strike. I won't head out in one but I won't end a run either.

  13. My personal rules for running are no thunderstorms and no HIGH wind. I was once out for a run in Central Park when it was super windy and heard a huge branch come crashing down near me. I decided I was being rather stupid and added high wind to the list.

  14. i will not do thunder/lightning. well, if i am out running and a storm pops up, i can't help that. but i do stop and take cover somewhere (usually someone's porch). it's just not safe. heck, i had a friend get struck by lightning (and die) on a sunny, cloudless day… just not worth it to me when you can clearly see/hear the lightning/ you made the right decision. besides, then i would never get my m&m's in the mail because i know mark wouldn't mail them to me 😉

  15. I finished up a 4-mile run a few years ago as a thunderstorm started. Nothing like a little thunder and lightning (and pouring rain!) to get you moving faster!

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