Three Things Thursday

1. At the urging of Coach Hubs and Dr. Pain, I decided to complete a 1 KM time trial during my first week of training this time around in order to measure progress throughout the season. Tomorrow morning I’m planning to head to the track for a nice long warm-up, a few strides and then the time trial. Any guesses on what the result of this bench mark time trial will be? If the conditions are anything like they were yesterday, don’t count on anything spectacular.

2. Lindsey and I are having a little “friendly” competition next month. She’s challenged me to beat her 5K PR and I’ve challenged her to beat my 10K PR. Clearly Lindsey is getting nervous since she has taken extreme measures to get out of the competition. Next thing I know, she’s going to be tying my legs together again!

For the record, I don’t think I stand a chance… but I am going to try like h*ll! There’s a big ol’ bag of M&M’s on the line. [guess who chose the prize]

3. Tonight we kick off the summer marathon clinic session! Most of the regulars will be returning, and we should expect some new faces as well. This is my 6th consecutive season with this group (2/year); they must be putting something good in the koolaid gatorade!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

30 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. What are you talking about Willis? Your 10k PR is a solid 2 mins better than mine… It's not like I stand a chance either. And don't even start!! You picked a prize too… Gonna have to find my skates so I can Tonya Harding you since I can't Nancy Kerrigan. Or maybe I'll pull a Keri strug and do it one-legged.Now I need to get to running again…

  2. Is it said that I have no idea what a good 1k time for you, me or anyone else would be? I'm all miles, my friend. But I love the idea! I can't believe you're in your next training cycle already! Crazy!

  3. What a great motivator! Who's holding the prize in the meantime? That bag might start getting lighter with all your training!Enjoy your marathon clinic. I love that you have such a great group to train with. No wonderful your always smiling in your photos!

  4. Hmmm….so .6 of a mile in less than 4 min? I have no idea but if you do 400 meters in 1:30, 800 in 3 then you can do 1000 in 3:28.45. How's that for exact? And how about me knowing how far 1k is??? I love Google!So good luck with your 5k!! You can do it!! Any thing for those m&m's!!I need a marathon clinic…too bad I can't commute.

  5. Have fun at the clinic and good luck with your competition! You can do it! You are a speed demon! Oh and for the 1km time trail I am guessing sub 4 minutes! you got it! I am going to be exact and say 3mins 49 seconds. That is such a good idea to do a time trail at the beginning – we used to do that in track.

  6. A 1km time trial sounds hellish but I think it might be fun…And now I need to find someone to challenge. Maybe I'll just choose someone's 5 or 10k PR to try to beat by the time the summer is over.

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