The Best Intentions

Most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays you will find me at our local Running Room meeting my group for a training run. The store is less than two miles away, and yet I usually drive my car there for convenience. Shameful, I know. This season I made a pact to avoid driving to the store whenever possible. I will run or bike there as long as time permits.

Last night I hopped on my bike with my Nathan pack strapped on my back for water and other essentials and headed to the store for Run Club.

I literally got around the corner when I tried to shift gears and my chain came off. I pushed it home to grab a pair of gloves and try to put it back on, and something appeared to be very wrong. I may not know much about bikes, but this ain’t right!

How the heck did that happen??

Reluctantly, I put my broken bike away and grabbed the keys to drive over to the store. At this point, I didn’t have time to make it on foot.
At least I tried!!
I’m really bummed because I was just starting to get the hang of it and was even looking forward to a longish ride on Friday. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone!) I’ll have to take it into the bike doctor instead to get her it all fixed up. Grrrr!

At least I ended up having a nice run with the group – nothing like drowning my sorrows in a good sweat-fest!

Hopefully I will be exploring on two wheels again soon…..


37 thoughts on “The Best Intentions

  1. while i may be a mean self portrait taker on the bike…i know NOTHING about fixing them! hope it's all better soon so you're cruisin' around town! At least the effort was there! A+ for that!

  2. I can't tell you how many times I've set out for a bike commute only to be waylaid by one thing or another. It's the thought that counts, right?

  3. It's ok–you had the best of intentions!That shouldn't be a big one to fix. In fact, next time you drop a chain, try to just upshift to the big gear while still peddaling…9x out of 10, it will go right back on.

  4. You win some, you lose some. The point is, you didn't let it deter you. BTW – biggest fear about biking: I'm gonna be 10 miles away from my car and my bike breaks.

  5. Stinkers…Our clinic is ~ 4km away…I am going to run there more…. 'cept I need a ride home as there is no way I am running home after our group runs. 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear the bike commute didn't work out .. this time. Get 'er fixed up and you'll be 'on a roll' again. Oh, I'm just too funny today (heeheee).

  7. oh no, that's never fun :(I remember one time I was on a long bike ride and the trailer fell off…yes, the one that was pulling my two year old(at the time) and I flipped out! Thankfully, a neighbor helped me attach it and I NEVER used that darn trailer again…we just sold it about a month ago!!! bummer. Hope your riding gets better soon!!!

  8. lol marlene 🙂 well i certainly understand where you are coming from. the fact that you run to WORK sometimes blows my mind. sometimes when we finish a run we just want that to be the clear finish, as opposed to having to gear up to get home. at least that is how i am. i live very close to work, but it is just enough of a too long a walk that i would constantly be rushing around, and i need my car to go from work- class- etc. i am not going to be a bike-commuter as the single time i tried it i got hit by a car, wahh. hehehe. i know i know, not likely, and i certainly feel guilty/ but justified for not getting to work in a more environmentally friendly way.

  9. Ouch – sorry to hear 😦 It looks like the front derailleur wasn't tightened sufficiently, slid down and got hooked (and bent) by the chainrings. If it's a relatively new bike, play hardball with the shop as this is largely the fault of whoever assembled it.On the upside, without a workshop and some spare parts (the derailleur cage is likely going to have to be replaced) there is likely nothing anyone could have done to fix that so it's a pretty solid excuse! The dropped chain is easy to fix, but in this case that was just a symptom of the larger problem.

  10. Yay for riding your bike. 😦 for it not working out as planned. I love your challenge though to run/ride to your group runs. I feel the same way about those funny short distances. I was inspired by you to ride my bike to work today. 🙂

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