Weekend Wrap-Up

A visit to the farmer’s market after a Saturday morning run

fresh squeezed lemonade and homemade muffin

Farmer’s Market loot

salad of the month: grilled veggies, chickpeas, tomatoes!

sandwich of the month: toasted thin bun with hummus, honey mustard, cukes, tomatoes

a hot and sunny 17+ mile run Sunday AM
new kicks to make me FAST!
(Saucony Kinvara – light as air!)

playing with my new toy

we furnished our brand new deck!

hubs relaxing after a busy day, reading our new book (me next!) 

homemade grilled veg & chicken pizza – enjoyed outdoors of course!

toasting our new outdoor abode

and finally, blogging all about it..

How was your weekend?

34 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Normally I would comment on the food, but I am going to comment on you doing the yard.You want to come to the Country of Texas and help me out? I will cook for you in return!!!!!

  2. All Saturday runs should finish at a Farmer's Market or at a cafe. The deck looks great! I think you'll be spending lots of time there this Summer.

  3. Love the new shoes!!! Saturday Markets are great. I was super excited when we got a chain saw a few years ago. Let's just say I have put more hours on it than my husband 🙂

  4. soo… why do you need the weed whacker? it looks like you built a deck over your lawn. should've just extended it a little further to the fence 😉 looks great though, all joking aside.ummm and your sandwich idea is so awesome. why didn't i think of this? so simple and yet still a sandwich. i am stuck in a box thinking sandwiches have to have coldcuts and well, i do not eat meat after watching "earthlings"

  5. I pretty much run all the time in the Kinvaras anymore (and the Peregrine which is the trail shoe cousin of the Kinvara) – glad to see you've headed to a lighter shoe :). Looks like the PERFECT weekend – yay :).

  6. I love your new deck! Looks like the PERFECT place for summertime meals, relaxing and blogging!I'll have to get some recipes from you, although most of what you posted was pretty self-explanatory. Everything looks so delicious!

  7. Your new deck and furniture look great! I love the new shoes too! I need to go shopping for a pair for me – mine are getting up there in miles!

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