Track Tuesday

Juliana and I were up with the sun to hit the track this morning and I was extra excited because I got to try my new shoes!

Saucony Kinvara 2

I wore my usual Saucony Progrid Stabil CS for our warm up run from the park, which meant carrying the new ones in my hands; I’m sure it was quite a sight, not that anyone else was awake to see it.

I sat down and laced up when we got to the track and immediately got started on my 800s.

It was love at first lap! The Kinvaras feel light as air. Two of them actually weigh less than one of my usual klunkers, so the difference was incredible. I felt like I was flying.

Workout: 6 x 800 (400 recoveries)
Goal: 3:10-3:19 per 800
Results: 3:11, 3:12, 3:12, 3:12, 3:10, 3:12

I felt great throughout this workout and managed to run a pace equivalent to my 600s last week (4:00/KM, 6:26/mi).

I’m planning to wear these beauties for speed work only for now, and hope to feel comfortable enough to race a 5K in them on July 1st. Look our PR, these shoes make me fast!


32 thoughts on “Track Tuesday

  1. i'm glad they are working for you. i had to send mine back, trading for a half size up. they seem to be short on my. odd, because my triumphs fit just fine and it's also saucony

  2. Nice job! I have a pair of light weight shoes I rarely trained in but did get a half marathon PR in. My intent was to eventually run enough training runs in them to figure out if I could pull off wearing them for a marathon. My thought was to wear regular shoes for training so it would feel lighter for racing — so not to train in them so much. But then I guess the perk of wearing them for training is you get to actually run faster in training! Did I ake any sense?

  3. i remember when i was little i always thought new shoes would make me run faster. as soon as i got home i'd put them on and go for a run up the street, thinking i was moving at the speed of light. i sort of felt the same way when i put on my brooks racing shoes last month. guess some things never change.

  4. The weight of two = one 'normal' shoe?! That's a huge difference for a shoe! I've thought about getting some different shoes for speed-work (a runner-guy had a discussion with me once about how it's important to switch out different shoes while you're training) – keep us posted on how this works 🙂

  5. those sneaks are beauties!!!! and they obviously liked you back just as much because they fleeewwww you around that track. nice workout marls! hehehe. is it okay if i call you marls? 🙂

  6. Pretty new shoes!!!! I have seen people run to the track with shoes in their hand before 😉 NICE JOB on the 800s – sheesh lady!

  7. When I was shoe looking turned shopping last weekend I didn't even try them on because I knew from holding them that I'd want them for the road. I just didn't have the $$$ for the price tag right now. Too much mini-cationing going on and two new-ish pair of trail shoes sitting in their boxes.

  8. SH*T.i'm so gonna lose. i sure didn't post numbers like that before my 20:33 or whatever it is.lemme just go ahead and mail you your prize… since that'll take me 3-4 months to get around to anyway.

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