Wednesday Wheels

After my bike incident last week, I was planning to bring it in to our local bike shop to get fixed.

And then I started looking at all the pretty bikes online…

And then we went to see them in person and I test-rode a bunch…

And then I fell in love with one. They only had it in black at the store [boring], so I ordered the green and white.

Specialized Vita

After waiting impatiently for five days, I picked it up tonight!

I took it for a short spin and it feels amazing! What a difference to ride a bike that actually fits and works properly. 🙂

Let me assure you that my stance on triathlons/duathlons and my fear of riding downhill have not changed yet, but I’m looking forward to some recreational riding on a real set of wheels.

I think I still need to get a bell… but first I need a new helmet! Flower power is just not going to cut it anymore.

Tomorrow is clinic so I am looking forward to commuting to the store (hopefully without incident!), and going out for a bit of a longer ride on Friday. Time to get used to seeing the world from two wheels!

*bring bring!*


28 thoughts on “Wednesday Wheels

  1. Now we're talkin'!! Nice wheels dude – love the colour! It's a known fact that you HAVE to match your helmet to your bike – I have a separate helmet for each of my bikes!! I LOVE commuting around town in the summer. I feel so green and healthy ;)Have fun!

  2. Nice! Love the looks of your new bike. I have a very similar helmet … and I hate it. Though the one I like is about $150 and I don't have that to throw around right now. Enjoy your new wheels!

  3. Um, I love your new bike!! I'm jealous! Mine is GRAY! I KNOW!!! Is it possible to get a paint job for a bike? Or is that just cars? Ugh.Not that you need it, but this video of a kid talking about riding a bike is both insanely adorable and inspirational: Thumbs up for Rock and Roll

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