Toe Woe

On Sunday I lost yet another toe nail, which is really nothing new around here – only this time, it was clearly pre-mature. Whereas normally the nail bed is simply dry skin underneath, this one was a raw, painful and disgusting. I’ll spare you from any additional detail.
After hobbling around on Sunday and Monday, I knew that lacing up was going to be a challenge. I decided to give it a try Tuesday morning, after bandaging up and cutting open the toe box on an old pair of shoes. Desperate times call for desperate measures! 
Unfortunately, it didn’t work. While there wasn’t any pressure directly on the top of my toe, the pressure every time I stepped down was still painful and I caught myself adjusting my gait to compensate, which is never a good thing. I hobbled for twenty minutes before calling it quits.
As the day went on [now 48 hours after losing the nail], my toe became more and more painful and began to look infected. I stopped by the doctor’s office, where I got a prescription for oral and topical antibiotics.
I’ve also been soaking in epsom, as per RunningLaur‘s suggestion.

Don’t look too close – you’ve been warned!
Why yes, that’s a mixing bowl – who wants cookies?

I have TWO races this weekend, so I’m doing whatever I can to let this heal (i.e. no running!) until then.

In the mean time, I can cycle without any discomfort using my MacGyver’d shoes so at least I can keep my legs moving. I put in a long [for me] ride yesterday evening, and another short ride this morning.

Fingers crossed that I can run by Friday pretty please!!!

31 thoughts on “Toe Woe

  1. Epsom salt will work wonders, and I love all the MacGyvering! I totally use a bowl to soak my feet in too and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to cut out a toe box! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the toe is feeling better by the weekend!

  2. Yeesh…sure hope it feels better by the weekend! I always buy my shoes half a size bigger to allow extra toe room–in an attempt to avoid lost toe nails. At least it is sandal season so day-to-day walking isn't painful?! Good luck this weekend!

  3. Oh no! Wishing you speedy, pain-free healing!My big toenail is doing something weird and I'll be surprised if it doesn't fall off…and I haven't even marathoned since last fall. WTF?Haha cookies!

  4. some times i think there is nothing more painful then an exposed raw nail bed. ew, even typing that makes me feel sick. i hope it heals up for this wknd!and great idea w/ the shoe! 🙂

  5. Ouch! I've been cross training more the last two weeks and I swear I am more sore/tender in places that I've never felt before! 🙂 Biking is always good and beneficial. Hope all is well by Friday for you!

  6. Having lost every toenail on each foot but one (the third toe is still a virgin-toenail) I can say from expereince that keeping the offending toenail (bed) as dry as possible will help healing. If however, the sensitivity is not gone by race day (and you still run) try bandaging the toe very tightly to compress the nailbed. This has worked me for. Your results may vary. heehee

  7. Ouch! I hope your toe heals quickly.Have you tried using one of those Band-Aid bandages specifically designed for blisters? I wrapped one around my toe when I lost a nail last year and it worked like a charm. Eventually the nail bed became tough enough where I didn't need to wear the bandage.

  8. I lost my second toe on the same foot AND i'm losing my big toenail on my left foot. boy oh boy was it painful at first.. both feet, now i'm good.

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