June 2011

Total Distance: 274.7 KM/170.7 mi

Highest Weekly Mileage: 82.1 KM/51.0 mi (Week 2)

# Runs: 24

# [Run] Doubles: 2

Cycling Mileage: 91 KM/56.5 mi

# Strength/Core Workouts: 11 (booyeah!)

# [Complete] Rest days: 1

Races: Toronto City Chase

Favourite Run: Barefoot Bootcamp

Most Hardcore Run: 1K Time Trial

Book of the Month: Haven’t been reading much, but I have 2 summer reads lined up; Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich and The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery by Sage Rountree

Song of the Month: Blaze of Glory by Lady Gaga

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: $1 any-size soft drinks at McPigs (I can’t help it, I love my fountain diet coke!)

Obsession of the Month: grilled veggie & chickpea salads

Indulgence of the Month: my new wheels

Drink of the Month: good old water

Current Wish-List: an unlimited budget to accessorize my new wheels

Current Need: for my toe to heal so I can run tomorrow!

Triumph of the Month: first place [female division] finish at Toronto City Chase!

Current Bane of my Existence: toe woe!

Current Blessings: really awesome friends

Current Excitement: 4 day weekend including our annual Canada Day BBQ tomorrow (20+ friends and family coming over to help us break in the new deck), girls’ night, a day at the cottage and 2 races if my toe cooperates!

Current Goal: to run a 5K tomorrow!

How did your month shape up?

23 thoughts on “June 2011

  1. Stupid toe..Awesome month! I am just getting full on into training this week..and am sore. Spin/core kicked my butt this week. I may to buy an epsom salt tree.

  2. great month marlene! u r doing awesome. i hope that ur toe heals today so that u can run tomorrow.my month was good: 2 races and starting with the running room!Here's to a Fantastic July!

  3. ohhh i love how you put this recap togther!! what an awseome june you had!now for that toe…listen up mister, Marlene has things to do so you need to just get your act together and stay on program.ok I'm sure that will help 🙂

  4. i have the same current wish list…but it's not really a wish. i'm just spending ridiculous amounts of money regardless. this darn biking hobbby…sucking me dry. this wknd is new pedals, shoes and aerobars. it…never…ends. have a great long wknd!!

  5. Well done on a super busy and successful June! My month ended with a low total due to my fractured toe at the beginning of the month. I did 211.2km but I must say the last two weeks were great. Looking forward to a great July! Good luck with that toe!

  6. I hope your toe nail bed heals soon! Love your song of the month! My month has been great because I ran a marathon and then was on vacation for almost two weeks of it.

  7. What a great month you had! And I hope you can run tomorrow too! Thinking happy thoughts for you! Have a fabulous and fun weekend with all you fun activities planned! 🙂

  8. You definitely had a great month, minus the toe issue. I hope the nail bed heals quickly! Have a great Canada Day and weekend and good luck at the races you're planning to do!

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