Week 4

This week was definitely a bust as far as marathon training goes, being unable to run for 4 days thanks to my bad toe. I won’t bother with a typical day to day summary, since there isn’t much to report.

I managed to put in some mileage on my bike during the mini hiatus (25K Tuesday, 10K Wednesday, 6K [with hubs while he ran] Thursday) and in the mean time my toe slowly healed.

Thankfully I was able to run the races I had planned for Friday and Sunday – race reports to follow!!

I probably could have put in some more mileage over the long weekend since my toe was fine, but my heart just wasn’t in to it after my week was so messed up. I decided to run my races, enjoy a busy long weekend of festivities and forget the training plan. *gasp*

This is certainly not like me, but I ended up enjoying the down time and have no regrets. In the grand scheme of things, this week isn’t going to make much difference come October.

On to a new week… hopefully without setbacks!


20 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. I think I feel very much like you do about missing workouts/rest. But in the end everyone is right and it is good. As long as it is done with moderation:) Have a good week!

  2. There's nothing else that you can do when you're sick or injured – time off is always the best medicine. It's great that you were able to recover in time for your races.

  3. good for you! you've been putting in so much time and hard work, you deserve to kick back and have fun!congrats on the PR!! woo hoo!and when are we doing our first tri together…

  4. I've had the sore toe thing, and ran a half marathon on it … ouchie, ouchie!! Good on you for taking a break, I bet it well feel very worth it this week 🙂

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