Friday ‘Fess-Up

The “dark side” has been calling… and I finally answered.

I admitted in my relay race report that I left the event feeling like I had caught “the bug.” I thought maybe the urge would subside, but it only intensified. Suddenly I found myself scouring race websites, scoping out pool schedules and going out to buy a cap and goggles.

There are two great pools very close to work with a convenient schedule offering lane swims every weekday morning and noon, which is going to make it a lot easier to add swimming to the routine. And, of course, I have already been doing some cycling.

I hit up the pool yesterday morning for my very first swim! I kept it super short (350m) since I just wanted to test the waters, so to speak, but it felt really good. I didn’t get winded or need to take breaks like I thought I would – thank you running for cardio fitness! I am pretty clueless about form, but I do know the basic concept of front crawl and I know I can work on technique once I establish some endurance.

I’ve been going over my training schedule and trying to figure out where to add swimming and biking. I am having some trouble wrapping my mind around the idea of dropping my run mileage, but I know I need to and have to remember that the addition of cycling and swimming will also make me a stronger runner.

I’m still working on the logistics and will likely take it one week at a time for now. My goal is to incorporate three swims and three rides per week. This should be fun!

As for the question everyone has been asking:

When is the race?
I have two on my radar for this season:
August 27th 
400m Swim | 10km Bike | 2.5km Run
September 10th 
750m Swim | 20km Bike | 5km Run
Here goes nothing!

35 thoughts on “Friday ‘Fess-Up

  1. AWESOME! do the one sept 10th! that's my 70.3 and we can virtually race together!as for swimming technique, i'd suggest getting tht down before anything else. it makes a huge difference in how efficient you are and will help with endurance if you're swimming better. you also don't want to reinforce any bad habits. it took one 30 min session w/ my coach to tweak my form and it made a huge difference. just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Our team has done some of these so I can get the skinny on which is better. I think the TO one is a good one..just a bit tough to get around on the island.I didn't think crazy could run any deeper in you…I was wrong.

  3. You so crazy!!! With all the swimming and biking I've been doing everyone just thinks I'll do a tri but the idea of swimming with a zillion other people around, under, on me just freaks me out. If anything I'd do a Duathlon. Good luck chica!!!

  4. I'll second what Denise said – if possible, don't hold off on working on your form. The more you swim with poor technique the more you train yourself that way and the harder it will be to fix. You don't necessarily need to go for formal instruction (although that will make it easier), but make sure to do some drill work every time you go to the pool.Swimming is fundamentally different than running or cycling. The difference in efficiency between the best and worst runners/cyclists is pretty small, so while technique can help raw power is generally more important. In swimming, however, water is much denser than air so small improvements in form can easily outweigh substantial differences in strength.

  5. Well, of course, you need a new challenge, now that you've BQ'd. You are totally going to rock those triathlons. The big question now is how long it is before you head for 70.3 or the full IM…

  6. I cracked up laughing when I first saw the pic….too funny!! Hey, go for it….a change of pace never did harm….you are still getting faster, though….

  7. Another runner called to the dark side. There seem to be so few of us purists left (or should I say athletes who don't like getting their hair wet and are too dangerous to ride in a pack).

  8. You might as well give it TRI right?? LOL! You are going to do awesome! And that first one sounds like a great first time TRI. We have one here that is set up like that for beginners…and I thought it about it breifly but with wedding hoopla it can't happen this year. But I live vicariously through you!

  9. I will do the Toronto one with you if you do it!! I have yet to try a tri! But same as you, I was running and have been biking and swimming since the summer started. If you do it, I will do it 🙂

  10. Wow! You don't mess around. I did the du and would like to do more but the tri is another season away. But I also have no idea how to fit it all in so keep us informed with how you do it. How many days do you think you will run? I have a hard time dropping running too. So far I have just added cycling.

  11. I'd personally pick the first one, but knowing how much you like to train, I bet you'll choose the one on Sept. 10. 🙂 I also think you'll probably go for an Ironman 70.3 or a full Ironman after your Syracuse relay.I agree with Denise… work on your form first, then endurance. Of course, I should really take my own advice and hire a swim coach. :-/

  12. Good for you! I'm always impressed by triathletes. I have no interest in swimming so it is not for me. But, you go! You'll kick it hard — whichever race you decide on — I'm sure!!

  13. YES! ALL OF MY VOODOO MAGIC WORKED!!!!!! No sense in fighting it ;). As for working a swim,bike,run balance can be done just make sure you keep focused on what race is an A race and what race is a B race. You know exactly how to do it! 🙂

  14. You know, I've held off for a long time on jumping on the "marlene is crazy" bandwagon, but I might finally be there! Nah, just kidding. I love the enthusiasm. Good luck as you venture into new activities.

  15. Wow. Look at you go!! I've been training for my tri since January and it is on Sept 11. Good luck to you, I can't believe you're planning on tackling a triathlon in 2 months! Amazing!

  16. oh man, marlene. i thought you were going to beat the odds and pass this triathalon stuff by. Thats ok, I'll still cheer you on!!! I'll never say never for me either!! You'll rock it!

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