Wednesday Wheels

It looks like my bike has a new companion…

doesn’t everyone store their bike(s) in the dining room?

Apparently the triathlon bug is contagious…


31 thoughts on “Wednesday Wheels

  1. We can't store our bikes in the dining room. 5 people = 5 bikes = not enough room when you add in all those size 11 shoes that get left on the floor.

  2. Mine used to, but then Josh made me get all fancy and put it away. Lame. Now the bikes share a room with their brother Treadmill. They have all kinds of toys to play with like a yoga mat, medicine balls, hand weights… Lord knows I don't play with them;)

  3. I love the fact that you just moved to the dark side and now are recruiting as well…..awesome.And my bike is typically in my living room on the trainer, but we are trying to sell our house so I had to move it to the spare room and put it on the trainer to look all clean and professional. Poor El Diablo being relegated to a corner of the house instead of the star of the house.

  4. Marlene, I came across your blog and had to chuckle at this post because my husband and I keep our bikes in our dining room, too! Our apartment in DC is so small that our dining room also serves as our living room and now our bike garage. 🙂 I love that your husband has picked up the triathlon bug. My husband and I are currently training for a half marathon together.

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