Three Things Thursday

1. What happens at Run Club… Last night I found myself running with all guys at our usual Wednesday night run club (even hubs joined in). Sometimes the things we discuss on a run truly blows my mind – especially when surrounded by men. It started innocently enough with one of the guys complaining (jokingly) about my workouts clogging up his feed on FB and making him feel lazy. The next thing I knew, they were suggesting that I start logging certain other *ahem* activities. From there the conversation led to [in no particular order] poop, sex, barnyard animals, more poop, “cold wet dreams” and more. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. What’s the craziest topic you’ve discussed on a run?

2. Don’t let your enthusiasm cloud your judgment.”… It’s time to remember those wise words from Dr. Pain. I’ve been gung ho for tri training ever since I discovered my latest ambition, but I need to find the balance. It’s not so much that I’m adding too much swimming or cycling, but that I am trying to maintain my marathon training schedule and it *might* be a tad too much. I know it’s going to take some time to adjust and experiment, but recovery is important. 9 workouts in the last 4 days might have something to do with the fact that my tempo run sucked tonight…

(swim/bike/run totals in miles)
I told you I was jumping in with both feet…

3. Unconventional “Team-Building”… Tomorrow I’m going paintballing with work! We’re headed to an outdor gaming centre boasting “14+ Huge tree-covered Fields and Mini Scenario Maps, 20 Acre Town, Dozens of Buildings, 1000’s of Sand Bag Bunkers, Bridges, Rivers, 50+ Vehicles, Fire Trucks, Personnel Carriers, 3 Planes, 300′ Hills with 30 – 80 Degree Angle Banks, Bunkered Top to Bottom.”

My strategy will be similar to that of my recent 5K: Run like hell and try not to die.

This should be interesting!

20 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Wow, you miss a couple of weeks in bloggyland, and you miss A LOT! I work with youth and when I run while working, it's often the teenage boys that join me – don't get me started on some of those conversations!

  2. Generally my friends and I cross over into the TMI bodily functions/smells and birth stories. Once you are either a runner and/or a mum you have very little you won't talk about. Of course, these are things that you have to limit to those friends. Family or co-workers who aren't either, for instance, just will not understand.

  3. I don't have conversations while running. Mainly because I run by myself. None of my friends are runners, and those who I know who do run are way aead of me pace wise. not to mention, who can talk while running? i'm trying to stay alive while I'm attempting to run!! Haha!

  4. I overheard a couple guys talking about sex once during a 10K race. Can't say I've ever experienced a conversation like that myself when I've been running!Have fun paintballing! I've never done it before, so I can't wait to hear about your experience. 🙂

  5. Oh Lord the things we talk about during our runs…stuff I would talk about with anyone else that is for sure. Have fun paintballing…I'd love to try that!

  6. Wow! That is an impressive chart! I think you need to decide what is the most important goal at this time. You've already gotten your BQ this year, so maybe working on the Tri is a better plan? Have fun today.

  7. I find running loosens tongues like nothing else. I've had conversations about pretty much everything while running.Have fun with paintball! I did it when I was 16 and still remember it was a blast. Haven't gone since though.

  8. Ah, another reason to love the Run Clubs 😉 haha, guys will talk about anything and it's the BEST distraction. Miles just tick right by!It's got to be tricky to find that balance with tri & marathon training – no idea how you do it, but in the end just think about which one means "more" to you on the race day :)Have a great weekend!

  9. LMAO on the run conversation. I've often been the lone female in a group of Beer Geek's friends and since they hang out and drink, not run, the conversations are often priceless.Hope you had fun at paint ball.

  10. i hope paintball was fun!you need to substitute tri training for some of the run training. your heart doesn't know the difference, so the endurance will be there. obviously you still need your long runs, but on some of the midweek runs, that's when you sub it out for cycling or swimming

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