Down but not out

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling dizzy, wobbly and out of sorts. It was like that feeling when you stand up too quickly, only it would not go away. I felt very unsteady, as though I was leaning to one side when I stood up, developed a headache and could not handle quick movements. After it had lasted several hours, I consulted some friends and “Dr. Google” and started worrying that it might be vertigo.

The next thing I knew, I had convinced myself that my triathlon career was over before it even started. Over-react much??

We decided to go to the Urgent Care Centre so I could get checked out, but didn’t see a doctor for almost 90 minutes. After looking me over and asking tons of questions (I made sure to tell her I had recently taken up swimming and had been at the pool the night before), she found an obvious blockage through my nostril on one side and suspected a sinus infection. It is hard to diagnose within 24 hours so she was not 100% certain, but suggested a decongestant and asked me to come back in a day or two if symptoms worsened.

It turns out this can be a common ailment from pool swimming and a few people have suggested using a nose plug, which I had been considering anyway since I am a freak about getting water up my nose. I picked one up today and I’m hoping that this won’t be a recurring issue.

I started feeling better not long after taking the decongestant, and picked up a saline nasal spray as well. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening on the couch and hoped to feel good enough to run the next morning, although I was not very optimistic.

I hit the sack early, had a great sleep and actually felt much better in the morning. I got up and went about the usual pre-long run routine, taking another decongestant as well. I decided to go for a test run around home to make sure I felt okay before driving to meet the running group. Thankfully, I felt “normal” and was able to join the group.

It was a scorcher of a day today, feeling like 33C/92F by the end, which made for a challenge. Thankfully we had a water/fruit/goodie stop along the way – my favourite part of our summer runs! I definitely struggled for the last 10K or in the sun (along with everyone else), but my legs felt great after the day of rest yesterday. I’m not a fan of forced rest days, but it turned out for the best this weekend, especially after this epic week – full recap tomorrow!


23 thoughts on “Down but not out

  1. bummer. not sure how you are breathing in the pool, but i like to exhale thru my nose the entire time my head is under water and inhale thru my mouth. maybe try that?

  2. Wearing a nose plug is not recommended for swimmers because it doesn't allow for proper breathing. To get the most out of your stroke, whichever one you choose, you should be inhaling through your mouth when your face is to the side (out of the water) and exhaling through your nose when your head is down (face in the water). Once you get that rhythm down, you're good to go. Having a nose plug makes the breathing part of swimming so much harder. I know a lot of people have a hard time with the idea of getting water up the nose, and trust me, it will eventually happen, regardless of how careful you are-its happened to me many times over the years. A good way to practice your breathing technique is to hold onto the side of the pool (or a dock if you are OWS) and put your face in the water and blow out through your nose for practice.You'll get the hang of it, or you'll figure out what works for you best.

  3. Maurlene, you're not allowed to have the dizziness mkay? I've had enough for all of the blogosphere. I am really really hoping it's just the swimming-stuff!! Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Glad you're feeling better after that little sinus issue – bleh!! I had an inner ear imbalance once during a 4000' uphill race and thought I was going to fall off the dang mountain. Not smart of me to have run that race … I'm glad you got it checked out, always good to be safe!! Thumbs up for sure!! 🙂

  5. oh the sinus infection, one of the many things that has been making my life less than healthy and miserable lately! glad you're feeling better! and no, your triathlon career is clearly not over:)

  6. Remember when I posted about using the Neti-pot thing? That was straight up pool water blockage and it felt like the WORST sinus infection I have ever had. Just keep an eye on that and try blowing your nose after your swim sessions.

  7. i'm familiar with that feeling you mentioned, ugh, it's the worst. glad you got it taken care of.p.s. i'm totally coming to canada in october, running the detroit –> windsor half with a canadian friend 🙂 and hopefully will be making a quick trip to toronto. SQUEEE!

  8. I get vertigo often times after flying or being on boats, so trust me, it's good it wasn't that because it lingers for days! Glad you're doing better now!

  9. no fun! glad that it seems that it's moved on and you were able to get in your run with the group!side-note: every time i open your page, i smile. i just love the picture of you at your BQ. priceless!

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