Five Things Tuesday

Because I make the rules around here. πŸ˜‰

1. I tried a nose plug for the first time in the pool yesterday morning. Not a fan. I kind of felt like I was suffocating and it completely threw off my breathing. I’ve received some advice that it’s not the best habit to develop, so I guess I’ve kicked it before it started. I had a bit of a stuffy/wobbly head post-swim, but it didn’t last too long.

2. This morning I was out early for some tempo intervals with Juliana. It went better than I expected given the conditions (heat wave). Unfortunately, my head is all foggy and congested again and I have just been feeling crappy in general post-run. It looks like I may have to cry “mercy” and give myself some more rest. While the stubborn side of me wants to push through the next couple of days since I will be resting up over the weekend anyway, I also know (thanks to some “gentle” reminders from my doctors friends) that I need to rest to get better, and I need to rest now. Please excuse me while I wallow…

3. Blog fail! I completely missed my 1000th post! When I started this little “diet” blog back in 2006, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have run 8 marathons 5 years later, or that I would find myself so involved in this awesome community of bloggers. Thank you so much to everyone who continues to follow along, whether you were my 1st follower or my 600th. This is pretty anti-climactic, but here’s a little impromptu giveaway (prize TBD). Simply comment on this post to enter. Everyone who commented on post # 1000 will automatically receive two bonus entries. To earn an another entry, please refer to # 5 below.

4. Is it Friday yet??

5.  Teamarcia tagged me for a little Q&A. Anyone who asks a question will receive a bonus entry for my 1000th post giveaway. Ask away!


54 thoughts on “Five Things Tuesday

  1. Holy postages!What is your engagement story?What is your favorite restaurant?What is your favorite….perfume?see …I ask the heavy non-running questions in these parts…

  2. Wow, 1000 posts…that is something for sure!Questions: Will you go up to ultra running eventually?Have you done any trail running/races?From my son (Rohann, he is 10): What is your favorite color?What is your favorite animal?

  3. I like prizes.Here is my question *clears throat*:If you could get ANY bike regardless of cost, which bike would you get? You can choose to report a training bike and a racing bike if you prefer.I love that you are into tri now. :rofl:

  4. Wow, I've left this window open for like a half hour trying to come up with a question. Okay, so here goes.The Goofy Challenge: how horrible was the second race?

  5. Yay for 1000 Posts!! I am hope that you start to feel better soon…I must admit that I am getting very stuffed up after my visits to the pool…What are your long-term tri goals???What would your DREAM vacation be?What Race was the most defining for you?

  6. I love these Q&A I am hosting this over at my blog alsookyou are Canadian…parlez vous francais? a little?who would you like to meet?favorite Canadian singer or band?please dont say it's Bieber..I will not recover…Where did you go to College?

  7. Wow! 1000 posts!If your present day self could travel back in time and have a chat with your high school self, what would you say?

  8. Marlene, I think you'll get used to the water the more you swim….hope you get to feeling better soon! Congrats on 1000!! You are an awesome young lady, that's why your blog is so great!! Looking forward to the next 1000!!

  9. Wow, 1000? That is awesome! I think it's pretty cool to see how much my blog has transformed over the years. I don't really put a lot of time in it as you do but I do enjoy it and the people I've met along the way….I'm sure you could agree. :)So my question is really just one: when are you coming to Colorado to run with me!?!?!? Happy Tuesday!

  10. Congrats on 1000 on your 'diet blog'! Crazy how life takes us places we've never dreamed.Hope you're feeling better soon.What was your major in school and are you doing something related to that now?

  11. Yay for 1000!Q: Spud (4) loves your "Neminemy" costume picture and laughs every time he sees it. He wants to know what flavours you and your friend were. πŸ™‚

  12. 1,000 posts? That is amazing…..While I know that running is your passion, do you think a half iron man or iron man tri are in your future?

  13. When are you going to have babies? Do you even want babies?Where did you go to college? What did you major in? Did you have a crush on any of your professors?How did you and Maurk meet?Why don't you learn to spell correctly and quit putting U's before R's?How many blogs do you follow/have in your google reader?When are you coming to visit the beautifully humid state of South Carolina?

  14. 5 years of blogging – pretty impressive.My question is – what's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you while training or racing?

  15. Congrats on your 1000th post. Looking back to the beginning of your blog – which I have done a number of times – and seeing your evolution as an endurance athlete is inspirational!

  16. Wow! Nice job on the 5 years. Not to get too corny, but you are such an inspiration. I started as a diet blogger too. If I can do half of what you have in 5 years, I'll be a happy woman.Q & A: What is your most embarassing childhood experience?

  17. Yay for 1000!! I hope I commented on that post ;)I'm not sure I'd be able to do noseplugs in the pool either. Ok, my question: If you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why?

  18. That is awesome….1000 posts…..purely awesome.Questions for you:Are you prepared to learn to pee on the bike for the triathlon?How did the whole changing in the bathroom to workout start?What is the one race that you want to do that after you do it you can never do it again? You can't get revenge no matter how bad it went and you can't repeat it no matter how great it went?

  19. OH NO! How did you miss the 1000th post?! =) That is A LOT of blogging!!! Way to go!!And the nose plug? Not a fan either. Just blow air out your nose constantly. You'll get the hang of it.

  20. 1000+ holy. Crap. Awesome!!What blogger would you most like to meet in person?Love the "because I make the rules around here" comment. πŸ˜‰

  21. You are such an inspiring runner to me ( I just started seriously running this year ) and religiously follow your blog! I do have a question for you…I just started using energy gels and noticed that you use salt as well. This might sound dumb..but what kind of salt? Do you use it in training or just in runs?

  22. Congrats on 1000!You've kicked butt loosing weight, but more importantly, you've maintained the loss. What are your tips for maintaining?also:do you pluck your eyebrows,wax or thread? They look great!

  23. When you started this "diet blog" did you plan to run marathons to get into shape…was that your goal? Or did you just want to get into shape and fell into running in the process?.Did you meet your husband through running, or before ?When you are going to post your core routine that you promised me?? (ok, it wasn't a promise, it was a mention that you might, but Please??)Where do you get your marathon training routines? I know you've mentioned your husband gets them ready for you, but does he create them? or just organize them into a spreadsheet for you? If you miss a week of training due to sickness or injury do you skip that week on your training schedule, and just move on, or do you continue with the week you missed and try to even it out later during training?Congrats on 1,000!!

  24. Two questions for you:1) What do you say to yourself internally when you want to quit, when you are tired, sweaty, it's awful weather, etc to get out there and do it?2) Most embarassing running story?

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