Three Things Thursday

1. Last night I had the opportunity to try on another friend’s wetsuit, and this one fits! I can’t wait to test it out at the lake this weekend.

How’s my form?
SUAR makes this look waaaay better.  

2. I’m on day 2 of zero training with this sinus infection. I feel fine, but I also felt fine before Tuesday’s run which caused it to flare up, so I’m playing it safe. While I’m not a fan of forced rest, I definitely picked a good time not to be running – we’re expecting a heat index of 49C/120F. Um – this is CANADA, right?! I think I’m going to crawl back into my igloo…

stay cool & be safe!

3. We’re heading out for a camping trip with the family this weekend. The heat is expected to break, thankfully, but at least we’ll have easy access to the water to cool off. I will have zero access to technology (kind of excited about that) so allow me to extend GOOD LUCK to Emily on her first Ironman at Lake Placid, Denise on her first Olympic Tri; Happy 25th Birthday to Heather and best wishes to Linzi, Page and Danica who are all getting married this weekend – and everyone else who is racing or celebrating a significant life event! The cowbells and weddingbells will be ringing!

Thanks for all your questions! I will close entries tomorrow and announce a winner in my 1000th post giveaway, so get them in now if you haven’t already! 


34 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. The wet suit suits you! Have fun camping. Question..if this hasn't been asked already. Which International Marathon (or triathlon perhaps)(excluding Boston) would you love to do and why?

  2. have fun camping! one of the reasons why i love going to the cottage is that i have no connection to the outside world. hahahave fun swimming and having fun! yayand yes this heat is craaaaazyyyY! its hill training at the running room tonite and OMG i think i am gonna die!

  3. You had that on last night? How did you not melt?Good call on resting…it was apparently 36 degrees with the humidity at 4:30 this morning. ooofff..

  4. Come to western Canada! We've had RAIN and 20ish C temps in BC all summer so far. Great for running but man I could use a little sun!! The wetsuit fits great, I really need to get a wetsuit. I'm going to do my first tri in August without one and then if I like it I might see about investing. Have fun camping!

  5. wet suit looks good!! is the water cold there where you need them? i'm hoping to make it through even the 70.3 in sept w/o one. they look so horrifically uncomfortable. have fun camping this wknd!!

  6. You are so badass in that thing!It's hard to believe any water short of the Arctic Ocean is cold enough for one of those with the weather lately.Have a great trip!

  7. So funny I was scrolling down and my cursor was over a certain part of you in your last wetsuit photo, I look and was like what the?? Hehehe, I will send you a screen shot.Wow big weekend for loads of folks.. I just realized I forgot to comment on the post yesterday, I clicked away to see if I commented on the other post and got distracted..HUGS!! Feel better

  8. wetsuit pictures are always funny. 🙂 And yes, this weather is NUTS! It was 88 with 76% humidity when I woke up this morning. Dreadmill for this girl for a few days!

  9. playing it safe = smart. it's way better to rest than push on and end up being sick longer. i'm finally going to do a run today after three days off. guh, going crazy here! enjoy your weekend away and detached, it's WONDERFUL!

  10. Ugh! I miss "real" summer in Ontario. We're expecting a high of 12 degrees here in BC today. Not a typo. I didn't mean 21. TWELVE. Good training weather though!Have fun camping this weekend!

  11. ^^^ mwah hahaha. See I'm not the only one… ^^^^Anywho. I hope you Eskimos own some bikinis to slip into.I don't remember how many questions I asked other than the baby one.What 3 bloggers are you dyingggg to meet?

  12. Oh, how I miss camping. I love your swimming attire, Marlene. You remind me of a slick shark. RAWR! (Um, if sharks roared, that's what I meant…GURGLE?)

  13. AWESOME!!!! Shout out to you in today's post BTW.So I know, I'm horrible…but when is your tri? Are you sure it will be wet suit legal with the temperatures around there? Our water is 86 degrees! UGH! SO HOT!!! I can't believe your Heat Index! That is just stay home hot!

  14. The suit looks great … and DAMN that's hot for Canada and anywhere else. Stay cool and hope you had fun unplugging for the weekend. Winks & Smiles,Wifey

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