Week 7 + Camping Pics

This was a planned recovery week, although I ended up needing more “recovery” than anticipated…

Monday – swim + run + bike

Monday morning I hit the pool for some laps. I tested out the nose plug to see if it would help with my sinus issues, but that was no fun at all and totally screwed me up. So much for that idea!


Sara asked in the comments last week if I time my laps; nope, I don’t. For now I am just concerned about slowly building some endurance. Once I get more comfortable, I’ll pick up a basic watch or device to record my laps.

I had originally planned to go for a short run after the swim, but my legs were tired from Sunday’s long run so I opted for an easy ride instead to save my legs for Tuesday’s tempo. It poured rain on me the whole time, which didn’t bother me too much on this hot morning, except that I get nervous about braking.

a shower to rinse off the chlorine

10.4 KM (6.5mi) – 0:30:18- 20.5 kph (12.7 mph)

Tuesday – tempo/medium-long run

I wasn’t expecting much from my tempo intervals on yet another muggy morning. I am no unmotivated to run fast in this weather and often catch myself writing off the workout before I even start. This time, Coach Hubs gave me a little pep talk, reminding me that it’s OKAY TO SLOW DOWN in the heat – just watch the effort level and get that sh*t done.

With that in mind, I set out to complete 5 x 2000 at a hard but manageable pace – something in the 4:50-5:00/KM range as opposed to 4:30, which is what I would target is cooler conditions.

I met Juliana dark and early and we headed to the track. Even though five laps feels looong for each set, I somehow find these workouts easier to tackle mentally this way.

Sets completed in: (4:36, 4:45) – (4:34, 4:35) – (4:46, 4:42) – (4:43, 4:42) – (4:49, 4:52) [400 recoveries]

It went much better than anticipated and I felt pretty strong up until the last 2000 when I faded noticeably. Overall, a good workout!


16.0 KM (9.9mi) – 1:22:58 – 5:11/KM (8:20/mi)

Wednesday – ride + run rest

Thursday – swim + run rest

Within a couple hours of my run on Tuesday morning, my sinuses were very aggravated and I felt horrible for the remainder of the day. I had a fever and was convinced my head may explode. Clearly a hard workout in humid conditions with a lingering sinus infection is not the best combo… go figure.

I prescribed myself 2 days of forced rest and kept busy preparing for our camping weekend and having wetsuit photo shoots.

Friday – long(ish) run + bike
After 2 days off, I wanted to put in somewhat of a long run before hitting the road for our camping adventure. I had originally planned on a 30K long run, but opted for less since I was not sure how I would feel. I was able to meet Juliana and enjoy some company for the first half, and I ended up feeling pretty good throughout. I was glad to put in some decent mileage so my week wouldn’t feel like a complete bust.
21.1KM – 2:00:35 – 5:42/KM (9:10/mi)
When we got to the campsite, hubs had a bit more mileage to run so I joined him on the mountain bike for 45 minutes or so.
The best part was cooling off with a dip in the river right off the campsite.
Saturday – run + swim
We went for a short run on the dirt road in the woods after breakfast and the bugs were HORRIBLE. I spent most of the run run screaming and waving my arms around like a lunatic. See all those specks? BUGS!

4.0KM (2.5mi) – 22:04 – 5:30/KM (8:51/mi)

Later that day we went for a canoe ride to the swimming rock, where we did some open water swimming and I was able to try out my friend’s wetsuit. We didn’t record the distance but probably swam for about half an hour in total.
Sunday – bike + swim
In the morning I mountain biked while hubs ran again. This time we drove out to the main road to avoid the bugs.
this is the “main road” when you’re in the middle of nowhere

hubs and … my arm
We went for another canoe + swim adventure in the afternoon – best kind of “cross training” while camping!
Total Week 7 Mileage: 41.1 KM (25.5 mi)
# of times I peed in my friend’s wetsuit: 2
Mosquito Bites: 56
Toasted Marshmallows: 17 

24 thoughts on “Week 7 + Camping Pics

  1. Your friend is going to love you. Or is your strategy a little like a dog – you're peeing on it to mark your territory and it will now become yours.

  2. a) those bugs are disgusting. b) your main road was paved. This is proof that you were not *really* in the middle of nowhere!c) Good call on slower times in the heat. You nailed that workout!d) re: peeing in the wetsuit, way to stick it to the man! (kidding, as I assume you were as well)e) z-pack, anyone?!?

  3. looks like you had fun!!! 🙂 next time you run in the woods put duct tape on your hat- sticky side up. the duct tape attracts the bugs away from your face… also if you tuck a dryer sheet in your shorts- that helps too!

  4. Oh, Marlene. You have definitely gone all the way to the 'other side'. It's ok, I still love you. 😉 Nice work outs!! Camping looks like a blast, minus the bugs!

  5. Yeesh… and I thought only Minnesotans have to deal with those nasty bugs. I always accidentally swallow a few bugs during my summer runs. Yuck!Looks like you've been having fun camping! I love the last photo, featuring you and your hubby! 🙂

  6. You and your hubs and canoe together? Impressed…we did it once and agreed for the sake of staying married we would not canoe together. Or read maps.Great weekend!!

  7. ha! i bet she can't wait to get that wet suit back!! sounds like a fun trip and loved all the pictures.sorry the nose plugs didn't work. hopefully it wasn't a pool issue that started the SI and you won't need to worry about it.

  8. grat job on getting some rest days in there! as always great training week. and it looks like u had a blast at camping.and i know all about those damn bugs and looking like a lunatic. that is how i run at the cottage! hahhahgood luck with training this week!

  9. Forgive me for saying so, but your arm looks freakishly long in that picture.Peeing in wetsuits – the reason I couldn't bring myself to rent one, or to buy used. I guess it's not as bad if it's someone you know.

  10. comment catch up:I love the close up of the bugs on your run – YUCK!You are crazy to workout hard in the humidity after the sinus infection. Glad you took a rest day.And the wet suit photo shoot and the photo of you at the end of your post the other day!

  11. I wouldn't really count any of those as "rest" days – haha, geeze gal! Looks like you guys had such a great time on the camping trip, and certainly didn't waste a minute out there in the wilderness!I'd like one of those roasted marshmallows, please…

  12. Is IM next? what are you training for? Do they have clocks at your pool (pace clocks) – you could get an idea of your times on the 100s.

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