Practice Du

With my first duathlon coming up next weekend, I thought it would be fun to “du” a practice round this morning.

4:30 – wake up, get dressed, breakfast
5:00 – out the door for run # 1 (5K)
5:30 – home, change shorts, bathroom break, grab bike gear/bike
5:50 – Juliana arrives – bike to work (29K/18mi)
7:00 – arrive at work – unload bike/gear, change shorts
7:10 – out the door for run # 2 (5K)
7:40 – back to work, freshen up*, dress
7:55 – seated at my desk
8:00 – food, food and more food
Noon – Nap time??

*You may notice the absence of “shower” in my time line. No showers at work – just baby wipes, even after 2 hours+ of running & cycling. Good thing my co-workers are used to this kind of behaviour…

My legs felt a little wobbly at first off the bike, but I was surprised that they were moving quicker than expected. My second 5K run actually ended up being nearly 3 minutes faster than the first one!

Tonight: swimming with the hubs!

What’s on your agenda for Wednesday?

38 thoughts on “Practice Du

  1. Nice job!I'm the same way when I run after biking. I always feel slower, but when I check my pace, it's almost always faster then I usually go in a stand alone run.

  2. Marlene! I feel as though I have so much to catch up on your blog. Good job with the early starts. All this year I've been working from 4.30am, so I feel your pain. Know I feel your pain :).

  3. Oh boy no shower! Good thing its a small office! Today is a slow day. Lots of errands before dinner and then relaxing. Nothing fun except my little run this morning!

  4. Great work getting in a test drive. You'll feel so confident now when you race this weekend. And your coworkers can surely survive your little baby wipe showers!

  5. See, now I'm going to have to try the baby wipes thing. I am only 4 miles away from my work. What stops me from biking to work is the lack of shower. But seeing as I'm a preschool teacher, we have baby wipes in the classroom. Not to mention we sweat all day long chasing the kids around the room. One of these days I'm gonna get up the guts to bike to work! Probably won't run a 5K after doing so, but BABY STEPS! haha.My today consisted of my very first track workout. Just finished blogging about it.

  6. You've got me thinking–i could totally run to work! We have a gym with showers (i work at a univ). My husband takes the kiddo in the mornings now, so I could absolutely make this work! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. One of my running friends once told me that cycling gets your legs used to a faster cadence so even though they felt wobbly you must have been getting that effect.

  8. You need to work on that 20min transition time…I've found that my brick runs are a better pace than just-a-run pace, although my legs feel like cement. Strange, I want to assume it's from being warmed up? Or maybe the spinning on the bike improves your leg turnover?

  9. WOW, you are so fit!! I also love your ability to go from running to biking to work in two hours…How tired do you feel at night?What is that second run like? Have you ever done two runs in a day and done one at night? How is that different for you?So curious!

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