Brief Reprieve

I’ve been feeling as though I’m having one tough run after the other lately, especially when it comes to specific workouts. I look back on my tempo runs and interval workouts from my last training cycle* where I was nailing all of them with ease, and it’s demoralizing to feel like I am working just as hard and not seeing the results this time around.

*Sidenote: When looking up my last training recap, I stumbled upon my BQ x 2 post and it gave me goosebumps! How I wish we could relive that day!

Anyway… the heat and humidity really take a toll on me (and most of us, I’m sure) and I need to remind myself constantly that it’s okay to be slower in the summer; in fact, it should be expected!

Even though I know that, it’s still demoralizing to feel like I’m fumbling my way through runs, holding on for dear life and still not getting close to the paces I would like to be seeing. Does anyone else feel like this in the summer? I remember struggling the same way last year when everything was suddenly so much harder with the onslaught of summer weather.

WELL Mother Nature finally had a treat for me this morning and I woke up to a nice, cool(ish) morning – 20C/68F and NO HUMIDITY. What a breath of fresh air. Lucky for me, I had a speed workout on deck; excellent timing!

The goal: 5 x 1000 at ~4:20

The results: 4:20 – 4:19 – 4:18 – 4:18 – 4:15


I had quite a bit more distance to cover in my cool-down, so I decided to make it interesting and see if my legs were up for some MRP (~5:00/KM).

5:02 – 5:01 – [500 recovery] – 5:00 – 4:59 – [500 recovery] – 4:55


It was just the run I needed to get some of my confidence back and stop whining about summer – even if it was just for one morning. 😉 If only every day could bring cool mornings…

Of course, I know it will be short-lived, but I sure enjoyed it. I’m aching for fall!


34 thoughts on “Brief Reprieve

  1. We are having the perfect summer for running in BC. Cool, drizzly, and not a day over 25 so far. Great for running, absolutely craptacular for anything else. Mother Nature can't win!

  2. Same here…most runs are pretty tough because of the heat…no matter WHAT time of day I run. BUT, we suffer through! 🙂 Also remember that you are adding in biking and swimming to your routine….your body is working overtime! Feel good!

  3. Heat and humidity make an incredible amount of difference. Your heart has to work so much harder just to try to keep your body cool. It's nice that you got a bit of a reprieve and could enjoy your run.

  4. The heat is really starting to take its toll. Mostly for me its the humidity! When your long runs take 3 hours and you have to get up at 4am just to beat the heat, it just becomes a little taxing. Keep your chin up… Cooler days are coming all too soon!

  5. it has been crazy weather and maybe with the added cycling and swimming it is fatiguing you a little more than you care to admit. Cut yourself some slack, over training is one's worst enemy.(hint, if you're adding the extra elements, you don't have to pound out extra mileage running).

  6. Take it easy and just relax about this. Don't push yourself harder. You are doing so well. Once the heat is over you will be better and faster than before.

  7. you've been putting in a lot of training hours, could that be affecting your runs, too? that little break of cooler weather was so nice, and so needed!!

  8. I certainly haven't felt like that THIS summer, it's been much to cool to cause any issues. I'm betting you'll reap the benefits of these tough runs when the cooler weather comes.

  9. it's definitely okay to be slower in the summer! haven't you seen that chart that tells you just how much slower you should be? it's a lot! keep at it. you're still a rock star runner!

  10. i feel your pain. the heat and humidity is kicking my ass, it just isn't letting up down here. but i remind myself of the same thing, the payoff will come when it cools down. that's my mantra. but yay for getting some cooler temps up there, awesome!

  11. I feel you sister. I never run as well in the summer and no matter how many times I tell myself that it is expected to be very slow this time of year I still don't accept it.Congrats on the great run. That is awesome.

  12. Can't we keep summer around just a little longer so – knowing it makes us slower – just so we don't have to endure that stupid snow?!?!? UGH, the thought makes me cringe. And we don't even live in snow like you! Ha. Nice job nailing that run, girl…see, summer isn't ALL bad! 🙂

  13. u r doing a great job!and its hard to appreciate those hard earned workouts when you have already accomplished them. but stay strong and u will love it again!happy almost weekend!

  14. Girl – I am a SUN HATER right now. My running pace is at an all time slow but coach keeps telling me to hang in there. Doing the swim/bike/run at any level put a good load on your legs.You are getting stronger and you don't even know it 😉

  15. All those tough summer runs you've been enduring mean that you'll have some fast race times this fall. We've been enjoying a much-needed break in the heat here, too. 🙂

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