Week 9

Monday – bike + run + swim

Couldn’t resist having the holiday off work and took full advantage with all of my favourite activities. First I headed out with a bunch of running friends for a nice recovery ride in the “marsh” (aka FLAT). Then hubs and I headed to the lake for a short run followed by a wetsuit swim.

After all of that I spent the afternoon vegging out on the deck and on the couch with no guilt.

bike: 29.0KM (18.0mi) – 1:08:25 – 25.4 kph (15.8 mph)
run: 6.0KM (3.7mi) – 34:30 – 5:45/KM (9:15/mi)
swim: ~560m
used the Garmin-under-swim-cap trick but it didn’t record! boo. swam to the same buoy and back as last time so distance is the same.

Tuesday – run

Finally, a brief reprieve from the heat/humidity.

5 x 1000 [500 recoveries] (target ~4:20) + 5K @ MRP [unplanned] (target ~5:00)

5 x 1000: 4:20 – 4:19 – 4:18 – 4:18 – 4:15

MRP: 5:02 – 5:01 – [500 recovery] – 5:00 – 4:59 – [500 recovery] – 4:55

17.0KM (10.6mi) – 1:30:15 -5:18/KM (8:32/mi)

I headed out at lunch (reprieve over – it was hot hot hot) to finish off my medium-long mileage for the day. I was pretty tired throughout – to be expected after the morning workout.

8.1KM (5.0mi) – 44:35 – 5:30/KM (8:51/mi)

Wednesday – run [recovery] + bike + swim

I woke up early to pouring rain. I generally don’t mind a summer rain, but it’s just not the nicest thing to step out into in the 5am darkness. I was soaked through and my feet were squish-squishing in my shoes before I made it around the block, but I got my recovery run done at a nice and easy pace. And the rain was quite refreshing! I’ll take it over heat any day.

I only wear hats in the rain.

After work I went for a quick 30-minute ride. Once again it was raining – not so pleasant on the bike! Half an hour was plenty for me.

Later hubs and I hit the pool again for our new Wednesday evening swim routine. It was unfortunately much busier and people did not seem to be using the lanes appropriately. I basically had a choice between dodging frog-swimmers or getting man handled by a big dude with paddles. We managed to get our workouts done regardless followed by a nice soak in the hot tub! Who says date night at the pool isn’t romantic?

run: 12.0KM (7.5mi) – 1:11:03 – 5:55KM (9:31/mi)
bike: 11.4KM (7.1mi) – 25:10 -27.2 kph (16.9 mph)
swim: 1000m: 4 x 50 w/u, 4 x 200 free

Thursday – run [tempo]

Normally I run with the clinic for Thursday night speed work, but I could not resist the lure of a cool morning! 16 degrees C! (61F)

The plan: 4K – 3K – 2K tempo intervals with 500 recoveries

switched shoes after warming up

I wanted to start around a 4:40/KM (7:30/mi) pace and get progressively faster. The cool air, my fast shoes and a good attitude made it happen!

(4:39, 4:40, 4:40, 4:38) – (4:36, 4:34, 4:33) – (4:34, 4:32)

14.4KM (8.9mi) – 1:14:59 – 5:12/KM (8:22/mi)

Friday – rest and swim

I had decided to take a rest day from biking and running on Friday to rest up a bit for the Du. We hit the pool for our Friday night tradition, but kept it short and light so we could wind down and get to bed early.


Saturday – Bracebridge Sprint Duathlon
[race report]

run (warm-up): 2.5K (1.6mi) – 14:46 – 5:54/KM (9:31/mi)
run: 5.0K (3.1mi) – 23:22 – 4:40/KM (7:31/mi)
bike: 20K (12.4mi) – 39:37 – 30.3 kph (18.8 mph)
run: 2.5K (1.6mi) – 12:43 – 5:06/KM (8:11/mi)

Sunday – long run bike + swim
I unfortunately skipped my long run this weekend due to a hamstring issue. I had some discomfort during the week, but nothing bad enough to stop me from running. It was pretty bad during the runs on Saturday and I was in a lot of pain afterwards, so I knew I needed to take a couple of days off running to let it get better. Thankfully, it felt 100% fine on the bike so I took advantage of having a free morning and met up with a friend for my longest ride to-date.

We didn’t set out to ride as far as we did, but I was feeling good and we decided to go a little farther. It felt great and was a lot of fun. I am really loving this whole cycling thing! 🙂 PLUS we got to eat cookies half way through the ride. I could get used to this… I also love how much ground you can cover in a relatively short amount of time.

46.5KM – 1:45:57 – 26.3 kph (16.4mph)

In the afternoon hubs and I went for a lake swim and I racked up another milestone: longest open water swim! We swam out to the main buoy that we used last time and paused to regroup and have a quick breather, then we swam on to the next big buoy marking the mid point in the lake. My Garmin was under my cap recording, but we had no idea yet how far we had gone. Then we headed back the same way and were pleased to discover that we had swam 1000m exactly!

~25 mins


Total Run Distance: 67.5 KM (41.9mi)
Total Run Time: 6:06:13
Average Run Pace: 5:25/KM (8:43/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 106.9 KM (66.4mi)
Total Bike Time: 3:59:09
Average Bike Speed:  26.8 kph (16.7 mph)

Total Swim Distance:  3150m
[Approximate] Total Swim Time:  1:27:00

Total Training Time:  11:32:22

23 thoughts on “Week 9

  1. I'm always exhausted reading your weekly summary reports! :)My hamstring was being annoying the past couple weeks too…of course, cuz that's the one thing I haven't had bother me in the past two years. Ha. I hope yours heals quickly!!

  2. That's a huge ass training week!! You are so strong. Triathlon just may be your thing. Obviously duathlon is, big time! And thanks for putting your mileage in miles as well as km for those of us who don't convert well!

  3. Hope that hamstring feels better soon! Great job on the the DU and an awesome training week! You are doing so much training! I don't know how you fit it all in!

  4. You're absolutely my workout rockstar from now on. What a great workout week, I'm so impressed you have so many double workouts on a day and run such long distances that early in the morning.Great workout week!

  5. You are a rockstar with these workouts and Boston had better be scared and so should any and all triathlons coming up BUT two things:1- I have missed my morning Tweets from you. I know Mon was a holiday but where was the Tues AM Tweet?2- A wetsuit pic and not a pic with the goggles and swim cap….sorely disappointed right now b/c that is currently my favorite picture that always makes me smile.

  6. You two are just jealously provoking…I meant completely inspiring! 😉 I wish I could inject my hubbs with that same drive, even just every once in a while. Oh well, good thing I like my workout solitude.Another awesome training week! Congrats on all the great glorifying work.

  7. I tried to comment on this yesterday and couldn't for some reason (a problem on my end I think). But who brings paddles to a pool? WHY for heavens sake? And yeah, I totally do not mind a light rain sometimes. So refreshing!

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