Three Things Thursday

1. We have build-your-own froyo!!! After drooling over this concept all over the blogosphere for months, a local chain finally opened a bunch of stores nearby and we had our first taste on Sunday.

I may have gotten a little bit carried away… but I think I earned it after covering 110 run, bike and swim miles last week.

2. After the duathlon last weekend, all competitors were sent a coupon code from the race photographer. Anyone who placed in their age group received a code good enough for one high-res digital download including stats. I thought this was a great perk and here’s what I ordered:

click to view full size

3. Aneta of My Running Bucket recently asked me to write a guest post for her blog on “how I got here.” Aneta is a dedicated runner and fitness enthusiast with big goals and a lot of spirit! I love reading about all of her antics and following along on her training. I hope you’ll drop by to say hello and check it out:

Thanks to everyone who has already read & commented! 
Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

30 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. You look amazing!!…I wish I had not discovered Yogurtys….the big bowls are the bomb is vanilla/choc froyo, blueberries, marshmallows and oreo cookies…

  2. I think all race photographers should give a digital download for free. I ran a race once where the race directors provided that to every entrant. I bet sales would actually increase.Your transformation is amazing!

  3. Your guest post was awesome! I still cannot believe how far you have come in 5 years! I am so jealous of your froyo! I have been slacking on the ice cream this summer for sure!

  4. I would love to have a fro-yo place here. I had to get one at Pinkberry last week when I was in MA. If I had one in town I would be there everyday. Your transformation is amazing… inspiring.

  5. That is so cool about the picture…those things are so stupidly expensive, glad you got a freebie, and you got an excellent one.Your transformation is nothing but inspiring. LOVE IT!! YOU ROCK!

  6. LOL, sadly, I would not call that "getting carried away." We have a creamery that I can walk to that has local ice cream and now build-your-own froyo. It's gorgeous and dangerous! You totally earned it!

  7. I wish we had froyo her in my valley but no luck:( The photo is really great! I love that concept as well. They are so expensive to order. Your "How I Got Here" story is fantastic! Yay, my Thursday is already over!

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