Friday Fotos… my morning:

J and I met dark and early this morning (I’m really noticing the later sunrise lately!) for a ride to work. I still don’t have lights for my bike, so it was flashlight and duct tape to the rescue! Sorry, no photo.

It was a great ride on a longer but more enjoyable route. 35.6K (22.1mi) door-to-door.

A Brooks RnR Seattle tee and TMB Endurance headband totally count as business casual on Fridays…

Chocolate milk tastes soooo good after a ride! (or run)
(Not pictured: the copious amounts of food I will be eating!!)
Time to get on with my day… at 3pm I’ll be riding home (first time going there AND back). Wish me luck!

just another day at the office….

Have a great weekend!!!


25 thoughts on “Friday Fotos… my morning:

  1. You are lucky that you can go to work with your bike. Here in Johannesburg that will be suicide. My morning runs don't finish in the dark anymore. The sun is moving south…

  2. Can't believe you are wearing a jacket! Lovin this weather in Ontario right now!!! I got my bike lights at MEC and they are beyond amazing and totally reasonable…they also clip on and off for tri's 🙂

  3. Hold Up, Wait A Minute!I always thought that bike pic was at your house, but are you telling me that you just put your bike right up against your desk at work? How awesome are you and then RnR Shirt and Headband to go with it too.Forget about the ghetto pic of the bike you forgot the pic of your wonderful changing room….the bathroom at the office or did you not Marlene Shower today and just sat down ate and drank chocolate milk?

  4. LOVE the flashlight with duct tape, super original!! Hummm….I'm about 25km from work ….I suppose I could give that a whirl one of these days… I just need a road bike, it would be hard work with my mountain bike )!

  5. Marlene, I have to admit, I'm having a hard time adjusting to seeing your new love of the bike on your blog now! 🙂 I'm excited for you and all that this sector of racing/training will bring for you! You look super cute doing it!

  6. Totally need a close up on that flashlight and duct tape. HAHAHAHAH – duct tape the the rescue!!!!!!Enjoy your ride home. Really need to get me a road bike. My poor mtn bike with knobby tires is just much too slow for that kind of commuting distance. How long does it take you to ride each way?

  7. I can see it's gradually getting darker earlier. I've been noticing that it's lightening up around here – and I'm not happy that Summer is just around the corner.

  8. Yes, I love your casual Friday look! I should sport that look myself one of these days!Now that I've moved, I can start walking to work, but I haven't gotten around to it. I prefer the extra sleep right now. 🙂

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